Tuesday, March 9, 2021

"divided we stand and united we fall"

Humankind’s greatest achievement will be in its ability to enact its own extinction. For those who believe Artificial Intelligence, Science and Technology will make life more palatable for humans, they must be insane. 

There would be absolutely no need to have an idle human population being comforted by robots. Someone please explain to me the benefit of having idle bottom feeders being sustained by technologically infused Sentient-like creations? There are none.

Technology is hundreds, if not thousands of years, more advanced than our current paradigm. Had those who wished to make Planet Earth and humanity more compatible, they would have done so at least a century ago. It was known as the age of Nikola Tesla. Instead, they used the last century, as a Darwinian experiment, to isolate who may go forward, and who may not, to experiment and use science to better understand the human envelope (i.e. body, mind and soul). Money was simply a tool to identify those people, isolate power and to covertly work in conjunction with the Alien Agenda, to prepare the remnants of humanity for the greater goal of trans-humanism.

In the past century, we have allowed these same people to destroy the very fabric of society - family, child birth, spirituality, education, gender and the institution of marriage. In so doing, they have sterilized human emotions and interaction.  This step of isolating human beings from one another was necessary, for it broke-down our innate survival mechanism. Don’t think for a moment than in re-engineering the human physiology and mind, they did not create the chimera-type identities that exist today. We have been converted to fear-driven chattel who identify very little with what is, and what was, human.

United we stand, and divided we fall is much more powerful statement, than when it is reversed - divided we stand and united we fall.

When you make something obsolete, it will, sooner or later vanquish from the landscape. If you cannot see this point of view, I suggest you think a little bit harder.

The Covid vaccines are likely a last step in the planetary depopulation agenda. Once the vaccine is inside you, they will be able to control you. Nanotechnology, 5G transmission and the power of Artificial Intelligence will  be combined to activate, manipulate or populate bio-weapons within your body. Resistance will not only be futile, it will be impossible.

The year 2020 has branded humanity obsolete, disposable and no better than fertilizer - our physical form is nothing more than what we have taken from Mother Earth, but what we have taken, has allowed us to connect with creation and a Creator. Ultimately, it is the Creator that the few that remain, wish to isolate and destroy. They want to be gods on Earth.

You are dead-men walking and fail to see the execution chamber.

Thank you,

Joseph Pede





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