Thursday, July 30, 2020

Covid-19, Autopsies and more

Emailed to all Ontario MPPs, Federal government leaders etc...

Canada has experienced a so-called pandemic. Approximately 8900 Canadians have died, and approximately 7900 Canadians have died in nursing homes. We have shut down an entire country because 1000 people have died of "something" in the past seven months.

As a thinking human being, you would think that individuals that died of Covid-19 would have been subjected to an autopsy. What better way of understanding a disease than by understanding the impact it had on human organs, and how the various human systems malfunctioned or failed. One would think this to be normal course of action, but the World Health Organization BANNED all autopsies because it does not want the world to know what is actually going on with this HOAX.

Some of you may know that Italian doctors DEFIED the World Health Organization order and performed autopsies on many diseased individuals who had been overtaken by Covid-19. The Italian doctors discovered that Covid-19 was NOT a virus, but rather a bacteria that caused the blood to coagulate. They concluded that known anti-biotics and blood thinners were simple fixes for Covid-19. The autopsies also revealed that the respiratory system was not impacted at all.

Instead we have Dr. Bogus-shitstein spewing the mandated narrative about masks and distancing. Who is this asshole who defies REAL doctors who are dispensing hydroxychloroquine in New York, Texas, Italy, Japan with 100% recovery rates? This idiot, like the communist traitor, Dr Teresa Tam,  who is dictating who lives and dies by restricting hydroxychloroquine should be jailed and executed for crimes against humanity.

As I have stated in the past, Covid-19 is a device to reset the global economy and a reason to vaccinate everyone for ominous reasons. Trudeau, Ford and Tory know this, and for this reason, they too should be arrested and executed for the crimes of societal and human genocide.

My first few questions are:
  1. Why no autopsies
  2. Why no hydroxychloroquine
  3. Why have other medical findings been completely ignored
The media is completely complicit in this ubiquitous destruction of society and life. They manipulate the truth and play games with our minds.

  1. When Dr. Stella Immanuel released her findings they completely censored her, and made her out to be a lunatic.
  2. We have incredible numbers for Covid-19 but no actual deaths attributable to Covid-19. Doctors I know directly or indirectly, say they are forced to declare that people have died of Covid-19 when they have actually died of hiccups, cancer or whatever. 
  3. During the past seven months our hospitals have been completely empty - people have died of many other ailments for fear of going to the hospital, and are dying now because they failed to receive the proper medical care.
What is amazing are the smoke-screens that appear daily. Today, Ford announced Phase 3 as Trudeau faced a parliamentary committee. Trudeau is a pathological liar, a fraud and a murderer, just like Ford and Tory - they colluded to euthanized seniors and they are getting away with murder. We need autopsies on all the individuals whose death certificate states they died of Covid-19.

The WE scandal never ceases to amaze me. Nowhere in all of the questioning does anyone make reference to that fact that George "the jew" Soros and Bill "the crypto-jew" Gates, are the real power behind WE. According to the testimony, and correct me if I am wrong, WE's Chair had just resigned, the newly formed company to which half a billion was going to be granted had no leadership or experience in developing youth programs. This is the real story.

The half a billion dollars the committee keeps mentioning would never have helped any youth. It was headed into the coffers of Soros and Gates. On July 25, 2020 it was announced that George Soros had "pumped over a quarter billion dollars" into the Black Lives Matters movement. BLM has nothing to do with helping Black people. It is a jew-front to destabilize the U.S. economy and upcoming U.S. election. The Satanic jew never rests in their evil ways. History's most prolific mass murderers can find no end to their sabotage, murder, lies, theft, slavery and genocide.

We need to get bogus-shitstein off the air and start publishing autopsy findings so we can arrest and execute the politicians and public servants who destroyed the lives of millions of Canadians and euthanized thousands of seniors. I occasionally watch CP24 for the weather forecast, yet low and behold shitstein appears with his bullshit. Get rid of that fool. He is no doctor; he is a media-mouth-piece.

We don't need a vaccine. Canadians need to get up off their chairs and put these political and public servant assholes who lie, steal and murder six foot underground.  Yes Justinian we have a professional public service because you say so, and they are all somehow connected to every political figure in Ottawa and throughout this land. Nepotism, incompetence and masonic fraternity would only be considered first class in your eyes. The vast majority of the public service are uneducated and incompetent idiots whom YOU allow to steal from the public purse, and face no accountability. You Justinian are the biggest asshole to hit Parliament Hill, and your never-ending crimes are never punished. 

You assholes have something all Canadians want, a get out of jail free card.

Lately, I have come to believe that the bioweapon known as Covid-19 has various forms. Forms which differ on every continent. Covid-19 is not only a HOAX but a carefully designed bioweapon which is meant to confuse the public, not the killers. I will continue to warn everyone, that these killers will likely target children should a new so-called pandemic come about. Injecting every human being on planet Earth with a nanotechnology-laced vaccine is all they are concerned about. They cannot create a one world order without a one world currency (i.e. their ability to "mine" the human body like cryptocurrency). You are the future cryptocurrency.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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