Tuesday, July 7, 2020

"Face Masks" expose those who do not wear them - Facial Recognition technology is monitoring you

If you think Covid-19 is real, then you would never believe that a technology is operating behind the scenes to monitor your public activity. You might be the same person who doesn't believe your home network could be monitoring you? Think again. Smart TVs, Smart Appliances, Printers, Interactive Devices (i.e. Alexa) are all monitoring your daily activity.

How do you feel about "facial recognition systems"? Did you not know that facial recognition software has been installed in major Canadian cities with the absence of oversight laws and a complete disregard for privacy rules?

"mask off" means you are a social credit nightmare - "mask on" means you will appeal to the totalitarian technocratic society the globalists are building via this Covid-simulation in Chaos Theory.

Facial recognition is unregulated in Canada - but it’s already being used.
The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) regulates the use of personal information by private enterprises. The Privacy Act does the same for government. But neither of these Acts specifically mention biometric data such as facial recognition. 

Several police services, including Calgary and Toronto, have already been using facial recognition programs, which they claim are only being used to match crime scene footage to mugshot databases.
Several other police services, including Montreal and Halifax, refuse to confirm or deny whether they are using facial recognition. 
On the commercial side, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner is currently investigating the use of facial recognition technology at top shopping malls in Canada operated by Cadillac Fairview, who claim the technology is used to monitor traffic, as well as the age and gender of shoppers.
The unregulated environment in which this is occurring means that there is no oversight, no accountability, and no transparency for people in Canada.
The mining software that will be imbedded in the Covid-19 vaccine (just patented and published by Bill Gates) will mean a more impregnable form of "skynet". The human body will be used as the host transmitter. Everything you do will be evaluated, and you won't know it, until the system shuts you down for non-compliance (i.e. a negative social credit score). You will either be dead, or become a vegetable. if this sounds too Orwellian, then you are already lost.

We are not protecting ourselves from Covid-19, we are enslaving ourselves.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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