Thursday, January 14, 2016

Donald Trump - I Still Like Him

Donald Trump has found his way into the hearts of the ignorant with enough racism to fill a stadium…literally. Trump has become the king of the one-trick ponies with his presidential campaign platform of “beat up on immigrants and the stupid will follow.”

As it turns out, The Donald is even more of a hypocrite than anyone could have ever imagined. It’s bad enough that his hotels are built on the sweat of immigrant labor and that his clothing is made anywhere but in the U.S. Now we have to find out through a blockbuster new book, that the Trump name and fortune were built on fraud, booze, stolen land and hookers.

And we’re not even talking about Atlantic City.

Trump’s grandfather came to the U.S. from Germany in the 1880s. Back then there was no such thing as an immigration quota, so a young man named Friedrich changed his name to the American sounding Frederick, became a naturalized citizen and set off for Seattle to make himself a fortune.
Thus began the great legacy that is the Trump real estate empire. Upon landing in Seattle, Frederick leased a small restaurant called “the Poodle Dog” that advertised “private rooms for ladies,” which was code for “prostitutes for hire.” He learned quickly how to turn sex and booze into a profitable venture.

Soon after, young Trump learned that John D. Rockefeller was financing a mining operation to the North in Monte Cristo. Frederick may have had no morals, but he was a sly dog when it came to making money. He left Seattle behind, filed a fraudulent mineral claim and built a new hotel and brothel on land he didn’t own to serve the mining community.

Again Grampa Trump flourished. He made a killing delivering food, booze and girls to people who couldn’t afford it, something his grandson would continue in the casino business a century later. This Trump, however, never had to abuse the system and file bankruptcy. He watched Rockefeller and when he saw the mogul move out, he left right behind him, avoiding the huge losses that were bound to happen when Monte Cristo dried up.

Frederick settled again on the trails between the Puget Sound and the Yukon, setting up trail-side brothels to continue his legacy of cashing in on the dreams and hard work of others. Only now he attracted the attention of the Canadian Mounted Police and was forced to flee back to Germany.
In a little bit less than 2 decades, Friedrich “Frederick” Trump had made $600,000. Back in Germany, he married a girl ten years younger than him and before long they were expecting a child. Trump’s legal troubles were just beginning, however. In Germany at the turn of the century, all men were required to serve in the military. Since Trump left before he was old enough and returned too old to serve, his citizenship was stripped and he was sent packing.

Back to America went Donald Trump’s grandfather. His father would be born on American soil to a man who was the worst Germany had to offer and his young wife, a citizen by birth. Friederich Trump was an immigrant and a criminal who abused the system, making Donald Trump’s entire campaign quite possibly the biggest farce ever in American politics.


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