Sunday, September 3, 2017

North Korea on Standby

Kim Jong Un may be the leader of North Korea, but the U.S.A. governs Kim Jung Un. Who oversees the U.S.A. has already been discussed.

Kim Jong Un was educated in Switzerland and France and well initiated in the protocols of Western Intelligence practises.  Un is more of a Manchurian Candidate than the leader of North Korea.

This world is a playground staged for the continuum of "war".  War and rumours of war fuel hate and fear and shape the human psyche. The madmen help us create the enemy so they can wage unending war and destruction on the innocent and unaware sheep.

One might ask, what is the purpose of all this contrived evil and destruction? The answer is simple, to fulfil Satan's desires. Humans are his sacrifice and blood is his drink of pleasure. Manipulating the human mind is his daily work and the destruction of the soul is his ultimate goal.

North Korea is a controlled distraction, as are the distractions in waiting - Iran, Geo-engineered weather, Gladio Operatives, Internet disruptions/shutdowns, Bitcoin etc etc. Any one of them could activate the end-game.

The final end-game is the collapse of the global financial system. Money has become the ultimate control device and removing it from us will require a controlled demolition. When it disappears billions will die. Every major resource that maintains life will terminate as well. I speak predominantly of water, food, medicine and what controls everything - the collapse of the electrical grids.

North Korea is on standby, and it will be advised by the Military Industrial Complex in advance on what it must do and when it must do it. Kim Jong Un is no more than a pimple.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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