Friday, September 29, 2017

The Jinn

If you heard the incredible interview given by Nineveh Shadrach, then you already know what the mighty Jinn are capable of (for better or worse)...

Nineveh is the world’s foremost expert on Jinn Magic, and his books are a living testament to his intimate knowledge of these magical entities and the supernatural powers they possess.

If you’ve been wishing that ‘something’ would finally come along that would give you a serious advantage… assist you becoming the most powerful magician you can be… the kind of magician you first believed in when you entered the world of magick…

The kind of magician who can create physical changes in the structure of reality itself…

Then today is your lucky day because the mighty Jinn are here to assist you!

I cannot legally say that you will absolutely obtain these supernatural powers. But what I can tell you with confidence after what I’ve experienced myself working with them -- is that you must abandon everything you think is fantasy because they DO possess these amazing talents.

After working with them intimately for 25 years, Nineveh has witnessed these entities perform the miraculous feats that were only mentioned in ancient grimoires and are still considered impossible by even the highest level adepts and magicians.

I must warn you -- what you’re about to discover is for serious magicians only.

It’s only for those who aren’t afraid to dive head-first into unknown territory to unveil the mysteries hidden deeply within… It’s for those of us who NEED to see, feel, hear and *LIVE* “real magic.”
We’ve all heard stories of powerful men and women who have risen to power through the aid of magic. But many of them conjured demons and made pacts with them to accomplish their goals, and oftentimes they were ultimately destroyed by them.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself WHY such powerful sorcerers, wizards and warlocks who are promised wealth beyond measure, often end up penniless, broken and insane?

Even some who have purported to be in constant contact with the Jinn Kings and Queens were granted untold fortunes and power… but then they too, were ultimately destroyed.

Maybe they’re missing something.

Perhaps they were intentionally mislead.

My friend Nineveh has spent a majority of his life searching for these answers…

Here’s a taste of what he’s discovered:

     ● Through his own trial and error, he’s discovered the Jinn who are benevolent to humans, and also those who hate humans and seek to destroy them… (this is crucial knowledge!)
     ● He has uncovered the sacred names of 720 Jinn that can assist with just about every area of your life that you can imagine. (Click Here for the Full List… it’s huge!)
     ● He’s combined three simple magical methods that can 3x your chances at having a truly extraordinary experience with contacting the Jinn and pulling them to you…
     ● He has formulated the “Golden Mean” form of each of their names which magnetizes the spirits to you with mathematical precision…
     ● He’s even revealed the specific frequencies designed to attract the Jinn via sound!

But that’s not all…

Nineveh’s incredible journey into the realm of the Jinn has also unveiled the most powerful Jinn known to mankind. His name is Jan and he commands 13 loyal servitors who can grant any wish you desire with ferocity and raw power. (There’s literally too much more to list here)

And today, you can get your hands on Nineveh’s ENTIRE collection of Jinn Magic!

This magic isn’t to be taken lightly. Like I said before, this is for serious magicians only and just because you obtain the knowledge to perform these feats, doesn’t mean you should use them.

It can be easy to abuse this knowledge, and utterly destroy your life in the process.

That’s why we’re only making this available to a select few and for a very limited time.

I cannot state it strongly enough… those who are tempted to use this for “black magick” purposes, who are selfish and desire control over others, will likely be destroyed.

It is said that death is the most merciful thing that can happen from a Jinn curse.

But if you are pure of heart… you have honest intentions and seek genuine assistance to improve your life, health, wealth, relationships, well-being and so much more…

Then there is literally nothing that compares to getting assistance from the Jinn.

In abundance, power and truth,
David Griffin
Imperator LVX ex Septentrionis

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