Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Message to our Toronto Police Officers

There is no question that the Toronto Police Services have had their challenges in the past number of years, but I, like many Torontonians now their services are invaluable. When the police ask for my assistance, I have never refused. I ask for the same in return.

Unfortunately, the Covid-agenda has placed the police in a very awkward position. Should they serve the masters of a covert agenda, or should they serve and protect the public. For me the answer is simple, and it should be easy for OUR police officers as well. They are not part of an elite club. When police officers take off their uniforms, they become part of the general public, as do their families and friends.

The police must enforce the constitutional rights of Canadians, not threaten, attack or act outside the scope of their authority, even if they are ordered to so, because as retired Police Inspector Faul states, police have the power of discretion. They can say NO.

Never has so important an institution been placed in such an precarious role. The police WILL ultimately determine the FUTURE of Canada and the FUTURE of HUMANITY. 

If the police choose to stand with Canadians, they will stand taller than ever before. Should they choose to listen to the treasonous rhetoric of our political leaders and influential public servants, they will seed Canada's road to ruin. There is no in between.

The POLICE must not seek the role of Judas. Our seniors, our children, our vulnerable, our future is in your hands. The police may be viewed as pawns, but in reality, you are powerful pawnbrokers. We are leaving our future in your hands, and we want to reclaim it when this hoax is over.

I trust the police KNOW right from wrong. Listen to your conscious and please do the right thing. Humanity is far greater than fraternity.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


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