Friday, April 9, 2021

queen Elizabeth II died in 2016 so what happens now that Philip is dead

 queen Elizabeth II died in 2016

Since that time prince Philip has been the British monarch. Will Charles ascend to the throne or will the unfolding Covid-agenda bring to light the larger picture of royal lineage and the formation of a new North American and British union (excluding Mexico)? 

Please watch the following video in full. It features Canadians Ruchard Syrett and Media Scientist Melson Spencer Thall (Toronto Star Family), who is also a Marshall McLuhan Centre scholar. The video is a couple of years old, but may explain many things which are happening today.

The real big picture is that the upper crust wants to eliminate the filling, and we are the filling.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede 4132

....and now for the latest actions of the sociopath Doug Ford

Mathematically that means (with 382 Ontario hospitals) ithat with a projected cases load of 600-800 Covid patients each hospital will have between 1.57 - 2.09 individuals in the ICU - still 90% less than normal ICU capacity.

People are dying because of these fictitious lock-downs and nt having access to hospitals and medical care.

Where are the policing authorities? Doug Ford has lost his mind and is a fucking lunatic. Ford is personally responsible for the increasing suicide and related mental health deaths.

I was at a downtown hospital this morning - no ambulances, no visitors, no nothing. The place was a ghost-town. With an unravelling pandemic would you not expect ambulances rolling in, one after the other? 

When are MPPs going to say enough is enough and put this criminal premier behind bars? 

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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