Friday, April 2, 2021

Stephen Lecce, Provincial Education Minister must be Charged and Arrested

Toronto Police Commissioner James Ramer
RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki 
Chief of Army Staff Lieutenant-General Wayne Eyre

It is imperative that policing and military authorities arrest, charge and the courts find that Stephen Lecce be executed for attempting to convince other elected officials to commit crimes against humanity. How a lunatic could enter the political arena and contemplate mass genocide is beyond comprehension. The majority of our political bodies have acquiesced to global tyranny. Calling upon the Canadian military to undo this lunacy is an imperative. 

How could an irresponsible, unqualified and incompetent fool publicly demand that untested gene therapy, which is now a so-called vaccine, should be injected into anyone's body is beyond understanding?

This fake pandemic continues to isolate and expose the political, pharmaceutical, corporate and media fanatics who are attempting to destroy humanity by covert means. This so-called plan-demic should have lasted no more than two weeks yet we have political fools making unconscionable decisions. These same fools have brain-washed Canadians into making vaccine decisions on falsified public opinion and statistics. Now this fool is attempting to physiologically damage the well-being of young children and young adults. My grandchildren are not experimental lab-rats for fucking fools. Our system of government CANNOT allow fools to make statements that embrace genocide.

Lecce's fellow political assassins have knowingly restricted medical cures for Covid-19, namely hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, and for this reason alone, they should all be arrested, charged and executed for having planned and committed mass-murder. Why were these two cures restricted, pre-empted from clinical trials that proved effective in many other places throughout the world, and respected clinicians, who recommended these drugs, were made to be medical pariahs?

I know that key political leaders and cabinet ministers are fearing for their own lives, if they don't manage to convince, or attempt to unlawfully legislate, a program that will see the majority of the population injected with a toxic vaccine.  The success of a fraudulent vaccine roll-out would "HIDE" the grand crimes they, and their controllers, have committed.

The Cabal that is heading this global conspiracy wants 90% of the global population exterminated, and the vaccine is their weapon of choice. Bio-Databanks and Bio-Weapons are not fiction, The Cabal will employ these devices to target and systematically eliminate individuals by covert means, leaving behind no visible fingerprints. The Georgia Guidestones are evidence of this plan.

I suggest we inject Lecce and his co-conspirators with every poison imaginable and put them all out of his misery. Lunatics have no business making public safety, policy and health statements. Obviously, this lunatic has not heard of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Nuremberg Code?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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