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Revelation: 666 and the Opening of the 7 Seals‏ - David Griffin / Golden Dawn

Jon Kato wrote:
"Illustrious Brother David Griffin: Many years ago I had a copy of your famous book, the Ritual Magick Manual, and I noticed something curious about that book. The book was exactly "666" pages long! What magickal role does the number "666" play in the HOGD scheme of the Universe?“

Dear Jon,
There have been plenty of rumors have floated around about the 666 pages in my Ritual Magick Manual over the past 15 years since the Golden Dawn first published it. Believe it or not, you are the first person ever to ask me this question. I am glad to see that you are awake and paying attention.
I am a Magician first and a writer second and the Ritual Magic Manual is not just a book. It is also a consecrated astrological talisman, loaded with the energies of both the Sun and of Venus.
Magick Squares called Kameoth are central to Golden Dawn Planetary Magick. The Kamea of the Sun begins with the number 6.  On the tree of life, the sphere of Tiphareth (number 6) is associated with the Sun. The Magick Square of the Sun is a grid with 6 rows and six columns of squares = 36 cells.
The numbers arranged in the grid are the numbers from 1 to 36. The numbers of each row, column, and diagonal add up to 111 in any direction, The total value of the sum of all these numbers together equals 666, the number of the Planetary Seal of the Sun, which touches all 36 squares when overlayed on the Kamea. Thus we see that the number of pages in my Ritual Magick Manual, 666, corresponds directly to the Planetary Seal of the Sun, the first of the Seven Seals of Golden Dawn Planetary Magick.
The Opening of the 7 Seals
What I am about to say will come as revelation even to many seasoned Magicians. We have seen that in Golden Dawn Magick the number 666 is related to the first of 7 Seals of the Kameoth.  What most Magicians do not understand, however, is that The Magick Squares as published by Agrippa and Regardie are only of limited Magickal value. This is because the Magick Squares, in reality, are Sealed (encrypted) in their published form.
The Seven Seals are decryption keys. In order for the Magick Squares of the Kameoth to manifest their true power, the 7 Seals must first be opened and the squares decrypted. The opening of the 7 Seals involves transposition of certain squares encoded in each Seal to open the 7 Magick Squares
Once the 7 Seals have been broken through decryption, the Magic Squares of the Kameoth reveal the names of the secret planetary angels that unleash their full power. The Opening of the Seven Seals of the Kameoth, and the invocation of their angels, remains oath bound and practised in our Second Order, the R.R. et A.C. until today.
Let us next consider that on the Kamea of Venus there are 49 squares.
The sum of the numbers in any row, column, or diagonal is 175. The sum of all numbers in all squares 1225. Thus the significant numbers of the Kamea of Venus are 49, 175, and 1225. The original price of the Ritual Magic Manual is equal to the number of squares on the Kamea of Venus = 49 
On the reverse of the Ritual Magick Manual you will find a complete Solar Talisman and a talisman of Venus on the front cover. In addition to the work I did consecrating these tallismans, the Ritual Magic manual itself is talismanic, with significant Kameothic numbers of both Venus and the Sun intrinsically woven into its fabric.
My magickal (Solar) intention in creating the Ritual Magic Manual was to provide a spiritual impulse for humanity's solar ascension through putting Magickal technology in the hands of our people in a format anyone can use.
This remains my mission and my life's passion until today. This is why, for you and others like you, I recently created Magick101.Com, where you will find training in an elcectic range of Magickal techniques.
People have asked me for years: "How can you possibly follow up on the Ritual Magick Manual, the most coveted book on Magick in history, that sells on Amazon for up to $1,000?!?
Well, the answer is almost here:
"Spellworking for Prosperity, Power and Peace"
The only thing is, this time it is not a book, but a complete multi-media course unlike anything you have ever experienced before.
You are going to love it!
In Abundance, Power, and Truth,
David Griffin

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