Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Inconsequential Life & Maurice Strong

The Inconsequential Life & Maurice Strong

Too old to matter
Too remote to care
Too poor to bother with
Too sick to help
Too stupid to worry about

We have become more captivated by the drama and hysteria of incessantly unfolding global events, rather than attempting to comprehend why these incidents continuously occur.  We move from one tragic theatre to another, as the one time vaudeville show of old, never fully comprehending the essence of the actor, mime or burlesque performer. We travel through time accompanied by the myriad of shootings, bombings, crashing planes and so-called terrorist events as if they were a daily expectation – Exlax for the senses.

We have taken inconsequential events and exponentially hyper-sensationalized them by focusing on one inconsequential life, and bury the millions of souls who have experienced hunger, war, genocide and hate, who would in fact have much to tell humanity, yet find their voices silenced by media and political treachery.

The continuous degradation of human life and the Globalist desire to imprison the human mind and our free-will grows more passionate with each passing day. If you are not asking why you may have lost your mind already.

And now we come to Maurice Strong. A man who impregnated the environmental agenda long ago, yet died November 28, 2015, just as the fetus of the New World Order protocol comes to life in Paris, France. Agenda 21 and climate change were created to act as “consciousness contraceptives” – to bring about a collectivist and Kakistocratic order.

An email dated May 5, 2008 from Andrea Psoras to the U.S. Secretary of Commodities Futures Trading Commission (an email legally obtained from CFTC and now no longer available) details exactly how the U.S. will employ environmental engineering techniques – electro-magnetic weapons, lasers, ELF Radiation, chemtrails are but a few examples – to manipulate financial markets and control economic activity. The 35 page email states that the objective of the U.S. and its controllers is to own the weather by 2025.

I now ask that you read fully the consequential impact Maurice Strong had in destroying this planet:

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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