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Charles Spurgeon - Most widely read preacher in history

Charles Spurgeon 

Spurgeon is the most widely read preacher in history. There is more Spurgeon material available today, than any other Christian author, living or dead. We offer here, a very choice selection of Spurgeon's best sermons! 
Spurgeon AUDIO gems
Spurgeon GEMS
Spurgeon BOOKS
Song of Solomon sermons
Satan's Banquet!
The Monster Dragged to Light!
The Enchanted Ground
A Sermon for Men of Taste
Faith Versus Sight
Vainglory Rebuked!
Love's Logic!
The Blood of the Everlasting Covenant!
Secret Sins
Moab is My Washpot
The Power of Aaron's Rod
Vile Ingratitude!
Figs and Olive Berries
All These Things
A Precious Drop of Honey
The Drawings of Love
Suffering and Consolation
The Great Arbitration Case
The Righteous Holding on His Way
The Clean and Unclean
Some Advantages of Being a Christian
Joash and His Friend Jehoiada
The Immutability of God
Noah's Flood
Out of Egypt!
The Sick Man Left Behind
Our Stronghold
Under His Shadow
No Tears in Heaven
The Weaned Child
The Gracious Lips of Jesus
Our Motto
Our Life, Our Work, Our Change
A Vile Weed and a Fair Flower
Self-Righteousness — a
Smoldering Heap of Rubbish!

The Old Way of the Wicked
Love's Complaining
The prayer of Jabez
Beloved Yet Afflicted
Supposing Him to Be the Gardener
The Well-Beloved’s Vineyard
The Keeper of the Vineyard
Mongrel Religion
The Sweet Uses of Adversity
Ripe Fruit
Micah's Message for Today
The Savior's Many Crowns
Prodigal Love for the Prodigal Son
Hope, Yet No Hope
No Hope, Yet Hope

Grace Abounding!
A Troubled Prayer
The Perseverance of the Saints
A Well-Ordered Life
A Lesson from the Great Panic
A Warning Against Hardness of Heart
Let Us Go Forth
The Planter of the Ear must Hear
Following the Risen Christ
Accidents, Not Punishments
The Sons of God
The Greatest Fight in the World!
What are the Clouds?
The Universal Remedy
Martha and Mary
Jesus the Great Object of Astonishment
The Heart of the Gospel
Praise Your God, O Zion
Christ the Destroyer of Death!
The Last Enemy Destroyed!
Resurrection with Christ
Away with Fear
The Liberator
The Infallibility of God's Purpose
Without Christ, Nothing
The Child of Light Walking in Light
The Beautiful Vision!
Mysterious Visits
Why Are Men Saved?
Spring in the Heart
The Eye, a Similitude
Love's Crowning Deed
From Sorrow to Joy
Death and Life — The Wage and the Gift
Do You Know Him?
A Pastoral Letter
Baptismal Regeneration
Pleasant Plants and Desperate Sorrow
Christian Training of Children
Early Piety—Eminent Piety
His Great Love!
Esther Defeats her Enemies
The Right Hand of the Lord!
Vines With Tender Grapes
Beware of Foxes
A Blow at Self-Righteousness
Noah's Faith, Fear, Obedience, and Salvation
The Law
A Great Sermon by the Greatest Preacher
Flee from the Wrath to Come!
The Nazarene and the Sect of the Nazarenes
The Wailing of Risca
Susannah Spurgeon, "A Song of Sighs"

John MacArthur writes: "I've always loved Charles Spurgeon for his plain-spokenness, his courage, his enthusiasm for the Word of God, his love of the truth, his command of the English language, and his ability to use simple, vivid language to make difficult truths inescapably clear. Those are all characteristics every preacher should seek to emulate, and there is no better model than Spurgeon. 
A number of other notable characteristics also distinguished Spurgeon's ministry: He was indomitably optimistic, even in the midst of severe pain. He had a tender shepherd's heart. He loved people. He had a lifelong passion to see souls converted to Christ. He remained steadfast and firm in defense of the truth, even when his views became unpopular. He was a diligent worker, who knew how to redeem the time. For all those reasons and not just for his extraordinary preaching skill Spurgeon is a worthy hero for every preacher to emulate. 
It is nonetheless true that Spurgeon's preaching is the main thing that makes him stand out as one of the most remarkable and beloved men God has ever raised up to lead the church. He is truly the prince of preachers. I often recommend that young preachers study his sermons, learn from his bright and colorful use of language and by all means borrow and make use of the best of his preaching.
Spurgeon was the master of the pithy quote. In fact, no author I have ever read is as quotable as Spurgeon. His published sermons as well as his books are a fertile source for ideas, expressions, illustrations, and axioms that help make biblical truth clear."


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