Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My Life

My Life

I do not recall my first breath 
Nor do I know the timing of my last
My life is like the risen sun and
The dusk at day’s end

My life is my voice
It is my personal stand for justice
My life are my thoughts
For they will inspire my dreams and perhaps others

My life is to be like the rebel
For it is what makes my heart beat
My life is to be the outsider
Always looking in guiding those who cannot see out

My life is filled with love
For those I love surround me daily
My life is filled with sadness
For I sense the human misery

My life is like the river bank
Holding back the ravages of daily life
My life is like the walls of a canyon
Empty, yet waiting to be filled

My life is not to foster fraternity
For secrets cultivate hate
My life is not about passages in a holy book
But remembrance of a Man who died on a cross

My life is measured not by you
But by a greater Spirit
My life is not shaped by your concept of me
For I am part of that cross

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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