Thursday, August 3, 2017

Wes Penre Papers

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Background Information (for those who are new to these subjects)

The Wes Penre Papers
The Multiverse Series [2011-2015]
   (German translation PDF) (Spanish Translation PDF) (French translation PDF)

E-Books by Wes Penre
Articles and Essays by Wes Penre
 Article #1Can Nanobots be Removed? (Aug. 12, 2016) [pdf]
 Article #2The Death Trap and how it can be Avoided (Sep. 15, 2016) [pdf] [Espanol  Espanol ]

Interviews with Wes Penre
 Interview #1: Insightful Interview--Robert Stanley Interviews Wes Penre (Sep. 2. 2016) [pdf


Miscellaneous Books and Articles by Other Writers
 The Quantum Pause by James Mahu

Other Websites by Wes Penre


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