Friday, March 2, 2018

Justinian’s Trip to India

Justinian’s Trip to India

Justinian tried his best to play the native Indian
But rather came out looking like an apish simian
Darning a Kurta of silken gold
The wrapped cranium so to resembled a premium mangold

There in front of the Taj Mahal
Posing much like a punch-drunk neanderthal 
Hands clasped to honour a Hindu God
Praying silently not to be hit as a lightening rod

In the background awaited a parked Vimana
Abracadabra and off went the family and big banana
Over the Ganges and then to a party in New Delhi
There to learn Justinian was no Macchiavelli

There too Atwal waited eagerly to embrace the saucy Sophie
Our prime lady did make a newsworthy trophy
Justinian clueless of the impending political disaster
CSIS proved no better than a vane weather forecaster

Aboard Canada One Justinian took off his tired Jutti
Carefully positioning his then flagellating booty
Curry after all can pop a well placed turban
One can go quickly from prime minister to magical Merlin

Back home at last and “The Donald” was all the rage
Tariffs were never prognosticated by the Indian sage
Justinian could not believe the fuss over aluminium and steel
I have lots of lead in my head so let’s make a deal

Thank you,

Joseph Pede

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