Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Mountain Top

The Mountain Top

There is a crystal clear river that flows from up above

There the flask of Heaven empties its waters or parts thereof

Cool and rippled is the liquid glass

Surrounded by succulent stems of photosynthesizing grass

Nature’s beasts drink heartily from the elixir’s spiritual brew

As did once the embattled Native American Sioux

Tiny minnow hug the shoreline to snatch the unsuspecting flies

There too the sap of marigolds entertain the fluttering butterflies

In the yonder deer make their way to the mountain top

Neath a tree the bees toil inside their honey-filled workshop

Bears heard rumbling as they awake from their winter slumber

Axes in the distance transform trees into saleable lumber

The mountain top eternally remains a holy place

Martin Luther King said he had been and there he was filled with grace

There is no need to climb to any great height

The mountain top is simply how close you keep within God’s sight

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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