Saturday, June 20, 2020

Communism creeps silently,

Communism creeps silently,

- you are made to stand in line with masked faces - you may not know it but the "jews" slaughtered 66 million Russian Christians and then destroyed everything that even remotely proved the existence of those they murdered (records, photos, passports, birth certificate, etc...) 
- you are made walk along arrowed corridors and avoid contact with strangers - the proverbial bread line enforced with jail house rules
- you are made to report individuals who disobey imposed rules, and the police issue large fines for disobedience - martial law
- you are made to stand apart from people you once smiled at, bumped into or simply passed - the sterile society
- protests now call for the dissolution of police forces, so that mayhem and disorder will destroy the rule of law, so much so that armies will one day take control
- you are made to believe a horrible virus exists, with fake statistics published daily, so they can plan the continued demise of humanity- you are made to believe seniors are dying because of a virus, when they are in fact being euthanized, and being used as bait to role out a totalitarian society
- you are made to listen to fear-based media hype on a daily basis - worthless statistics
- marriages, religious festivities of all kinds, church attendance, funerals etc all made to become irrelevant - they are building the society for the detached and homogeneous individual
- you are losing your business, your job, your education but it doesn't matter - the new technocracy will mean multinationals and the elite will rule over you
- children no longer socialize and attend school - they are being isolated because the playground is a threat to the future prison they have planned
- people are so afraid of the virus that sex and having children have become life threatening events
- your bank accounts are drying up - in the near future money won't matter - you will be worth more dead than alive
- you are made to stay at home, not venture out, and travel is now forbidden - the prison walls are getting smaller and smaller
- your remaining tax dollars continue to enrich the future army of the totalitarian technocracy - they are the LAZY STUPID public service - they reward idiots because they obey orders
- and so you have communism - knock knock - you have created your own prison

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

"Grocery executives called to testify over pandemic pay cuts"

Why aren't political leaders being placed in jail for paying public sector employees full wages and benefits for staying at home and scratching their asses. How do you hypocrites get away with this?

If I were Weston I would tell you jackasses to F-off. His shareholders must be ecstatic. Instead, taxpayers continue to get screwed. What lesson does our government want Weston to learn? 

They want Weston et al to pay a couple of dollars above minimum wage so we can collect more taxes and continue to pay the public sector assholes.

There is no question that private sector employees continue to be underpaid and under-appreciated, but the more pressing issue is the public sector gluttony for fraud, theft and criminality.  If we resolve the latter, perhaps the private sector coud thrive.

......the province announced that next year's annual per-student grant to school boards will be $12,525 — a two per cent, or $250 per student, increase over this academic year. The funding figure is key for the budgeting process for school boards.
The political stench does not get any better than this. With a declining student population, many schools experiencing under-capacity, and students staying at home, why would we provide more funds for teachers? This will prove to be another windfall for the TURDS at the O.C.T.

What about the parents and guardians who are actually teaching the kids? Paying lazy assholes, who are celebrating corona, makes no sense.

Doug "the fraud" Ford - stop giving away our hard-earned tax dollars to assholes. 

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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