Tuesday, June 30, 2020

New Ontario elementary math curriculum to include "coding" starting in Grade 1

New Ontario elementary math curriculum to include "coding" starting in Grade 1

The politics of the day has actually opened a valuable door to our hidden past. One might be inclined to think computers are a modern technological breakthrough, when in fact computing's history rests in the veiled realm of "geomancy".

Scattering grains of sand across a stone is one of the oldest and most primitive computing methods there is...... geomancy is a divination technique ..... used for over a 1,000 years to try to predict the future by running simple algorithms on the accidental patterns the grains formed.

"Buster Geomancy" was developed by Archibald Turscadine as an exploration of his own theories of “scientific magic.” Buster geomancy operates on a series of flexible geomantic theorems which first deduce changes made in the base state of the universe by the presence of magic; then engineer reverse algorithms; and finally execute the formulae to nullify the magical field or energy. In the function’s native form, buster geomancy is primarily defensive. However, because the energy needed for ignition is only used to revert the spatial properties, not to create new ones, buster geomancy requires significantly less energy than other forms. Therefore, it can be attached to direct energy weapons like lasers or plasma without depleting their energy.
5G technology is a direct energy weapon.

Divination, using geomancy, is what our technocrats employ to create a more predictable world. Covid-19 is an algorithmic exercise. 

"Coding" will provide young minds the esoteric elixir to understand and embrace trans-humanism rather than be controlled and manipulated by it. Magic is REAL - Black Magic has dire consequences for humanity. 

The Geomantic Pyramid
by Frater Pyramidatus© 2011 Brian Adam Newman
........People should....... realise that computer circuits have been around for longer than actual electronic computers. All the truth tables and bit parity checks on a P. C. were more or less thrashed out a hundred years before the pocket calculator by people engaged in the same, seemingly boring, numerical escapades as myself. 

............We are becoming increasingly dependent on machines we do not understand. Everything we do today is dictated, in subtle and direct ways, by devices. We need technology to live. In this unprecedented climate I think people should be encouraged to more and more study Hermetics to stem the flow of a culture plummeting towards a suicidal cybernetic maelstrom of unfathomable complexity. Our planet is on a precipice, terrifying and alluring, where only a handful of psychopaths need 'pull the plug' for our top-heavy utilitarian utopia to crumble even more quickly than the five decades it has taken to develop such a monstrous edifice. I believe the more people induced to study Hermetics the better it will be for everyone. As a Scientific Illuminist I have never adopted the stance of Ludd, but I worry about the educational deficit amongst not only our youth, but seemingly most people I meet. 
Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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