Monday, June 15, 2020

Seated Madonna

Seated Madonna

the walls of the grotto are damp
moss carpets the weathered and worn stone slab
salvia fragrances the still passages of time
the hidden entry way lit only by a reluctant moon

a tiny crucifix hangs smothered amongst the vines
old women recant prayers to Our Lady
children with bent heads kneel to say the occasional amen
a gentle rain christens those who have remained faithful

beyond the serenity reigns the madness
churches filled only with the ghosts of long ago
copper steeples surpass the colour green
rusted hinges rigour the mighty oak entry doors 

the aging priest tends to the overgrown garden weeds
the soil dry and empty of life
the rectory’s stained glass held together by a wooden board
the dried out pews filled only with emptiness

beyond the wreckage Angels guard the entry to Heaven
Gregorian chants accompany the parading Saints
a seated Madonna looks down upon the Paradise that is lost
Jesus rests His head atop His Mother’s lap

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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