Monday, October 5, 2020

Birth of the Mob - Death of the Crowd

Donald Trump, who was christened the saviour of the world has just retreated into the lair of hypocrites. Not only has Trump faked his Covid-19 diagnosis, he has accelerated the recovery time, and foregone, what he said had cured him previously - namely hydroxychloroquine. This is a staged event and the reason appears unclear to me. All I know is that Covid-19 is a hoax and the vaccine will kill you. To date medical officials have been harvesting DNA via PCR testing, yet no one appears to have Covid-19. It's just meaningless numbers produced by a select few medical organizations. Joseph Goldberg dying words may be correct after all.

Birth of the Mob - Death of the Crowd

anarchy is sowing roots everywhere

the sidewalk is empty of window shoppers

roads accommodating only directionless people

flashing street lights ignored by the unrecognizable mob

angry words expressed on home-made banners

logical debate replaced by chaotic chatter

misunderstandings transformed to unending rage

media tyranny adds fuel to the fire 

looting and vandalism now a modern form of expression

violence and destruction no longer outside the law

city centres are now dark, dirty and desolate

the gaiety of the crowd has scurried for cover

welcome to the covid simulation

welcome to despotism

welcome to all the hidden lies and deceptions

welcome to the end of yesterday

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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