Saturday, October 10, 2020

does matter matter? the seed

does matter matter? the seed

does matter matter when what it occupies fails to comprehend its purpose? a seed experiences eternity yet we fail to see that our matter is not unlike the seed. your soul is a seed.

seeds are miracles of death. each time a seed germinates it greets life knowing that it will re-experience the molecules of matter, and continue the miracle of death. 

the Creator seeded the universe with eternal seed but human science now seeks to become the great germinator.

a seed always knows it will experience a natural end. on occasion a farmer may intervene to lengthen the seed’s harvest (fruit, vegetable, flower, tree etc) but he knows the seed will stop giving life at some point.

when a person purchases a plant he/she does their utmost to have that plant bring beauty and joy to their abode, for as long as it possibly can. neglect will be the primary cause for the plant's death, not unlike the neglect the elderly experience in an eldercare facility.

plants may be generational if they are inherited from someone who has succumb to death.

we live in a time when everyone speaks of protecting Mother Nature yet those who speak of it are the ones doing most harm to it - yet they hold us culpable for their actions. we are part of the nature they seek to destroy. they have conjured their own seed, their owns weapons of natural destruction and planned their eternity without us, but their seed is sterile.

when the planet is vacant of most souls/seeds those who remain will a) seed their crop of artificial output in the hope that they will contain their artificial life, b) oversee the remains of the natural world and c) dispense with God. 

these people do not understand eternity, for if they did, they would understand that eternity is not about living one long life, but rather understand that eternity lies in the dormancy(death) within life. 

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joseph pede


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