Saturday, October 3, 2020


I have never thought of myself as a archeological artifact who will one day be buried deep beneath the earth, having left little evidence of my existence. While my flesh will one day wither away, and my bones will remain comfortably lodged in some box, my inner sanctum will have sought refuge in a place where the living seek not to do intercourse. The grave marker, if time will have been kind to it, will identify my human remains.

An onlooker may gaze upon the marker and perhaps speculate as to who that stranger may have been. This would be a moment in which my death could re-experience existence. 

Many of history’s heroes and villains have become unfashionable with the ongoing sterilization of history. While time may erase the grave marker, changing attitudes will determine if the grave marker is relevant at anytime in the future.

So I have decided to leave behind my thoughts and my words. I speak them as often as i can. Sound unlike flesh does not vacate the auditorium of human existence. It continues to travel throughout the ubiquitousness of space, leaving some evidence of one's existence. Those sound waves, which travel in every possible direction, may become the impetus for someone else to experience my thoughts, and ultimately think. 

My vibrations are my eternity upon the physical plane, and while my sound waves may perish with time, my hope is that their interim transmission from one human to another, lasts for all eternity.

The subconsciousness is akin to a place where the sun has seldom shone. A place where all the knowledge and experiences of the ethereal world are stored. The three dimensional bank for the infinite knowledge of the universe.

So speak what matters most to you. Today silence is something that is being thrust upon you. Not for the purpose of reflection, but rather for the purpose of suppression. 

Fear is not unlike gravity. The apple falling from a tree experiences the force of gravity, a seed breaking through ground is a reflection of grace.

Thunder and lightning occur with the release of energy. Thunder is a sound wave, and lightning is the emission of electromagnetic energy. We witness the flash of lightning before hearing the thunder because light travels faster than sound. Mother Nature has a voice and chooses to communicate within the darkness.

Water is most majestic and powerful when it rises from its slumber to create a wave. The sound wave comes to life when one speaks. So speak to hear the am in you.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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