Monday, October 19, 2020

The Greatest Danger

The Greatest Danger

Most humans experience life without ever asking why they have come to be. In other words, they do not ask, who am I? Most people do not question their existence, or contemplate what may happen at the end of their journey on this planet. Living in blissful ignorance may be a justifiable reaction to both unknowns, but there is something to be said for one who seeks answers to enigmatic questions. The great danger is to do nothing.

We are prepared for work, play, encountering challenges, completing an educational curriculum, marrying and doing the many other things that require a certain amount of life-long commitment and self-inflicted persecution, yet we do not approach the unseen world in the same fashion. We are a duality with a usually imperceptible, and less visited inner shadow.

Most individuals believe Covid-19 presents an existential threat to humanity, but fail to recognize the societal injury that political lockdowns and the ever-encroaching technocracy poses to humanity as a whole. We have been tricked by meaningless statistics and not facts.

At the root of Covid-19 is the media infiltrating and seeding our minds with fear. We are slowly losing our individual rights and freedoms as we give way to a surveillance state. The perimeter of freedom is quickly shrinking, yet most fail to see the barbs and cameras atop the fence posts. Call it a technocracy, a Kakistocracy or Communism, the end result is the same.

When one assesses why the ultimate goal must be a vaccine, one should immediately ask why readily available pharmaceuticals, and the statements made by tens of thousands of physicians and scientists who oppose a vaccine, are being withheld, suppressed and silenced. What power can silence so much intelligence, scientific evidence and thought?

Covid is primarily intended to achieve - for simplicity - a grand reset. Do you know who has empowered the decision-makers of this grand re-set? The decision-makers are unelected individuals and for the most part, unknown to the masses, yet they will determine your future.

This is where it gets tricky. Many who see the obvious do not go past the obvious to think outside the box. The real secret is that Covid-19 is an alien-demonic agenda. The vaccine is intended to de-spiritualize animated matter, and make human DNA regress into a state of subservience. Yup, that's the end goal.

On this planet, there are varied forms of life. Some forms of alien life live amongst us, some hide within the inner Earth, some shelter themselves beneath the oceans, and some hide within remote mountain ranges (Bucegi Mountains in Romania, or Mount Musine in Italy are examples). Others live off-planet within the belly of the Moon, and some live outside matter and are pure energy. These beings, for the most part, are demonic in nature, and seek to destroy humanity. They can be referred to as extra-dimensional beings, demons, Fallen Angels, Aliens, the Nephilim or human-alien hybrids. In essence they are all the same, and they all have the same agenda. These beings occupy positions of power in politics, corporations, entertainment and finance. All these positions of power and influence allow the human-alien hybrids to control the “Human Mass”, yet their agenda is never revealed to us. Some conspiracy theorists refer to these beings as Reptilians or Shape-Shifters. Shape-shifters are Reptilian clones. Whatever their name, they are real, and they are conducting the Covid “Harvest of Humanity”.

Many insiders have revealed that individuals who occupy key positions in society are in fact clones. The Military Industrial Complex began cloning, with the assistance of extra-terrestrials, in the mid-1940’s. Cloning allows the Alien-Agenda to move forward, without interruption, with the hope of achieving its intended goal -  eradication of the human race. Those who remain will be subjected to the same types of DNA experimentation that is described in Sitchin’s, The Lost Book of Enki. 

The Covid-19 vaccine will allow the Alien-agenda to fully materialize. A nanotechnology-laced recombinant vaccine will be used to fully control the human population. One might ask what about those who resist the vaccine? 5G technology will be able to distinguish between a vaccinated host and one that is not. 5G technology will be used to eradicate excess populations by various means, in conjunction with the vaccine components.

You have a choice to discover the truth now, or fall victim to it. The greatest danger is to do nothing because you are finding comfort in idleness and ignorance. 

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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