Friday, December 25, 2020

A 2020 Merry Christmas sent to Canadian Politicians

We must, by now realize, that the next decade will offer more challenges than opportunities for humanity. The rules for survival will be dictated by compliance and adherence to the emerging syntax. Humans will unknowingly migrate from the “infinite absoluteness of the universal hologram” to a “defined and restricted technological matrix”.

BigPharma which once promised extended life for all, will now do all to eradicate a non-compliant elder population. For how else could the new globalist technocracy advance? Seniors create many obstacles for the “global re-set” (i.e. they are not computer literate, they exhaust the medical system, they lack the skills which are required for the new technological age, but most importantly, their historical knowledge poses a threat to the future dialectic). The “truth of the past” poses a real and present danger for the future. Wisdom.

Parsing and purging humanity will be all the rage as vaccines merge with quantum technology. The rise of human obsolescence has been never been more notable than in 2020. An example is the small family run business. It served absolutely no purpose in the year of the “plan-demic”. Instead, corporate giants whose computers, which have already merged with the matrix, grew in authority and market dominance.

Mankind is being directed into a shadowy darkness - corridors filled with enigmatic shadows - undecipherable hieroglyphics depicting the tale of paradise lost.

I often sit and think why people don’t think. An example of the lunacy is that governments are convincing everyone to download and subscribe to the Covid-alert app. While we are predisposed to believe that our privacy is somewhat protected and not available to policing and intelligence organizations, that belief is completely false. The Covid-alert download will provide government agencies direct access to your mobile phone. You have given them the ability to track and monitor you, but you thought they wanted to protect you.

Nonetheless it is Christmas Day and my hope is that Christians have made time to re-embrace their faith. After all, you have never had so much free time. That connection is more probable because it allows you to be one on one with Jesus. No church, no priest, no parishioners, just you contemplating, thinking and praying. This is the medicine for the next decade, for should it run out, you will be residing in a living hell.

A Theomorphic who spoke of love and compassion can't be all bad. Below is a poem I wrote some time ago. A dangerous Egregore is rising from the East.

Merry Christmas,

Joseph Pede

Dragon and Bear
Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ominously glaring down from a mountainous gorge
Talons piercing the dirt beneath it
Bellowing fire creates steam atop the dancing Yangtze
Enduring is its power over the mighty waters below

Across the valley a thundering roar
Footsteps mimic the sounds of a quaking earth
Piercing eyes radiate a fearless calm
Power and patience reflecting from each mighty fang

The prodigious Dragon deliberate in its response
Ursus clandestinely camouflaging its mighty strength
The two meet in the land of the Great Khan
There the spirit of Temujin unites the two great powers

Cossack and Mongol transformed to one mighty beast
Careful is their watch over the famished eagle
Flying lost in its attempt to place a deadened quarry to the ground
Peace in the distance awaits the fall of the tragic bird.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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