Thursday, December 10, 2020

Untested Toxic Vaccines Violate the "Nuremberg Ruling"

Untested Toxic Vaccines Violate the "Nuremberg Ruling"

Any government official attempting to inject any Canadian citizen, without their consent, or without providing accurate information about the dangers of the vaccine, while providing vaccine producers, vaccine immunity, can expect LEGAL retaliation by any citizen(s) of Canada. Canadian citizens have a right "to defend themselves and kill" any government, medical or appointed official attempting to kill or injure us with an untested and virulent vaccine. This is international law - the Nuremberg Ruling.

If the bitch in B.C., Bonnie Henry, wants to dance, she better start dancing to a hail of bullets. This is NOT a threat, it is our right under international law, and our right under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, to defend ourselves and our families, against political and appointed tyranny.

Justin castro Trudeau is a racist pig, a traitor, a murderer, a fascist communist, and one who is committing ongoing crimes against humanity. Trudeau must be removed from office immediately - by any means possible. He is destroying Canada and destroying the lives of Canadians. Doug Ford and John Tory are doing no less, and must be subjected to the same type of retaliation, and also be immediately removed from office.

Any politician or government official promoting unnecessary and forced vaccinations can be killed. We have a right to defend ourselves against murderers, political assholes, and those seeking to commit ongoing crimes against humanity and genocide.

When our political leaders cooperate with political forces opposed to our own, then those leaders have committed sedition and should be HUNG. 

The fact that they continue to perpetuate the Covid-Hoax is proof enough of their crimes. Dr Hodkinson, the Canadian inventor of the PCR test, has already stated that Covid is the greatest HOAX perpetrated on an unsuspecting public. The "common cold" is now Covid-19.

If the police continue to stand down, then the CANADIAN military MUST remove Justin castro Trudeau, and all the premiers and city mayors conspiring to murder, injure and suppress the Canadian public. This is no longer funny. Trudeau has transferred billions of dollars of taxpayer funds to technocrats, family and friends. This must come to an end. Our society must be restored back to normal, and the virus of fear removed with the truth.

All MPs, MPPs and City/Town Councillors supporting these ongoing crimes against humanity must also be put to death. If jews continue to demand justice 75 years after what was fictitious event, then I will not stand down for what is a real WORLD event. The Candain Military must intervene now.

The only passport that will be required, is a one-way ticket to hell for our politicians and appointed public officials. There is no need to wait for Nuremberg 2.0.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

‘Refuse this vaccination’: Acclaimed French doctor unloads on COVID vaccine

Of the anti–'sanitary dictatorship' figureheads, Dr. Louis Fouché, an anesthetist and resuscitation specialist in one of the four major hospitals of Marseille, is one of the most vocal.

................ Trudeau conducted 18 different military projects with China in 2019. We were training the enemy. PLA (PEOPLES LIBERATION ARMY).

But then the CAF wanted to cancel a winter warfare training session for the PLA, scheduled for CFB Petawawa in Ontario, warning that it risked a “knowledge transfer” to the Chinese. This enraged Trudeau, who ordered the CAF not to cancel any more training sessions for the PLA without his permission.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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Yurek, Jeff <>; <>; Yakabuski, John <>; West-QP, Jamie <>; Walker, Bill <>; Wai, Daisy <>; <>; <>; Tibollo, Michael <>; Thompson, Lisa <>; Thanigasalam, Vijay <>; Monique <>; Tangri, Nina <>; <>; <>; Stiles-QP, Marit <>; <>; <>; Smith, Todd <>; Skelly, Donna <>; <>; Bethlenfalvy, Peter <>; <>; Armstrong - QP, Teresa <>; Sara <>; <>; <>; <>; Schreiner, Mike <>; Sattler - QP, Peggy <>; Sarkaria, Prabmeet <>; <>; Sabawy, Sheref <>; <>; Roberts, Jeremy <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; Phillips, Rod <>; <>; <>; Park, Lindsey <>; Pang, Billy <>; <>; <>; <>; Andrew-QP, Jill <>; <>; <>; <>; Mulroney, Caroline <>; Suze <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; McNaughton, Monte <>; Jane <>; <>; <>; Martin, Robin <>; Mantha - QP, Michael <>; Mamakwa-QP, Sol <>; Lisa MacLeod-co <>; Lindo-QP, Laura Mae <>; Lecce, Stephen <>; <>; Kramp, Daryl <>; <>; Bell-QP, Jessica <>; <>; <>; <>; Khanjin, Andrea <>; <>; <>; Karpoche-QP, Bhutila <>; Logan <>; <>; Mitzie <>; <>; Hogarth, Christine <>; Hatfield - QP, Percy <>; Hassan-QP, Faisal <>; <>; <>; Hardeman, Ernie <>; Gretzky-QP, Lisa <>; <>; Chris <>; Gill, Parm <>; Fullerton, Merrilee <>; Doly <>; <>; Jennifer <>; John <>; Fife - QP, Catherine <>; <>; <>; <>; Jill <>; Downey, Doug <>; Nathalie <>; Rudy <>; <>; Michael <>; <>; <>; Cho, Stan <>; <>; Paul <>; <>; Guy <>; <>; <>; Barrett, Toby <>; Arnott, Ted <>; Premier of Ontario Premier ministre de l’Ontario <>; <>; <>; <>; Blanchet, Yves-François - Député <>; <>; Public Health <>; <>; Yaffe, Barbara (MOHLTC) <>; Kouyoumdjian, Fiona (MOHLTC) <>; <>; Mayor Tory <>; <>; <>; CBC <>; <>; <>; Guilbeault, Honorable Steven (PCH) <>; <>; <>; Office of the Chief of Police <>

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