Sunday, December 13, 2020

Trudeau announces another great deception

Trudeau announces another great deception:

“Serious side-effects are incredibly rare,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a press conference Thursday. “In the very unlikely event of an adverse reaction though, we want to make sure Canadians have fair access to support. So today, I can announce that we’re creating a federal support program around vaccine safety for all Canadians and for all vaccines. This includes COVID-19 vaccines that will be rolled out soon.”

...........and Patty Hajdu states:

.......Item 8 in the following guideline would not allow corporations to buy drugs in Canada

...... and is Freeland looking to expand bail-in legislation to undo the huge Federal debt the Liberals are amassing? No one has any accounting on how the relief funds were deployed, so trusting the Liberals is the last thing we should all do. Could this also be a signal that capitalization issues will arise for D-SIB listed banks? Reason: commercial real estate failures and personal debt issues materializing in 2021.

In the interim, an easy way for governments to quickly fill their tax-coffers, even though demand is way down, is to bring the barrel price of oil to $80.00. Supplise supplise.

One can make the argument that life is like a river. Its mystical starting point often times unknown, and the distance it will flow immeasurable by the naked eye. In some cases, the river, like a family tree, has tributaries. It will do its best to tunnel into the unknown landscape. Yet no matter how adventurous the journey, it will eventually pour into a greater basin, or simply end its journey without fanfare . The river in most cases is likely to meet resistance - natural or otherwise. The otherwise could be a man-made dam, or Mother Nature's ongoing intervention - an earthquake for example.

So, it is so for humanity. We start at a mystical point and begin our journey not knowing where it will end. Guided by destiny, driven by fate, and fueled by our free will.

The river, which seeks to overcome the many obstacles it may face, by seeking every possible crevasse of viability, is very much unlike the human who has grown weary of survival.

Humanity now faces a virus-hoax, the proposition of a deadly vaccine and impending communism.

We are comforted by Justinian's promise of compensation should the vaccine damage or kill. Ironically it will be you and I who pay that bill, as BigPharma is still immune from prosecution. We have subsidized BigPharma with vast amounts of public funds, our governments have paid billions of dollars for the toxic brew we helped fund, and BigPharma and the technocrats will walk away with all the spoils. They won't take their poisons but they will convince you to take them.

Hajdu even lies in allowing corporations to purchase vaccines directly from the pharmaceutical giants. Why? Because those corporations will "force" their employees and/or customers to take them. Do you see how voluntary becomes involuntary, or better yet, how corporate and political blackmail works? They will do everything possible to eliminate humanity. 

With smart-technology being injected inside your body, they can eliminate you anytime they want. In 3 months or 3 years. Better yet, they will have the ability to have you kill yourself by manipulating your mind and your DNA. Provided of course we have not been positioned to be food for our alien visitors.

Ask why a "minority" government is being allowed to destroy the Canadian constitution and our Charter of Rights and Freedom without parliamentary opposition? The answer is, they are all in on it. Take off your masks, enjoy the holidays and be as the river.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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