Thursday, November 12, 2020

China has experienced no recurrences of Covid-19 since the beginning of April 2020


Who the Hell is Bill Gates? Evict the pedophile cannibal satanic queen and her family from Canada. Covid is the extent to which e-lizard-beth will go to hide her family's demonic crimes.

No one talks about it, but China has experienced no recurrences of Covid-19 since the beginning of April 2020. Chinese society is completely open and its citizens are free to do what they please. Life is normal, as it once was. This is the news they don't want you to hear.

China did not require its citizens to take a vaccine because China already has a societal control system in place - Skynet. China simply acted as the agent for the fall of Western democracies. Now citizens of Western democracies only hear talk of a vaccine that will bring life back to normal. What will bring back life to normal is the extermination of the vermin that have infested our political legislatures, and those with whom they have colluded to commit genocide.

The question everyone must ask, why is a vaccine so important to Western Democratic Nations? The answer is, “control, extermination, and the complete destruction of Western capitalism and Christian beliefs”. 

The insanity is beyond human comprehension. Major pharmaceuticals companies are developing vaccines in India for use in Western countries, yet there is no talk of India or China using these vaccines. They are deliberately targeting CAUCASIANS and CHRISTIANITY. That’s REAL GENOCIDE. 

The plan is no different than when jews exterminated 66 million Russian Christians, 15 million Ukranian Christians and 3 million Armenian Christians during the Bolshevik era.

Canadians have a criminal as their prime minister and a Chinese agent as their Health Director. Justin Trudeau is the son of communist dictator Fidele Castro and Tam is a communist agent. Both these two criminals used the racism card at the onset of this hoax to insure the globalist plan to destroy Canada was a success. THEY even played the race card in an attempt to destabilize specific regions of this country (i.e. where there exists a higher Chinese population), but that failed.

Both these criminals must be removed from office, be prosecuted for sedition and executed for their ongoing crimes against humanity. The power being exercised by these elected and appointed criminals has gone beyond the point of reason.

The toll they have exacted on Canadians include the rise in mental health illness, rise in suicides, destruction of personal wealth and savings, complete loss of jobs, isolation from loves ones, individuals denied access to life-savings operations and medical help, they stopped all religious rites etc.  Lest we forget, they RESTRICTED a known cure for the Covid-hoax, namely HYDROXYCHOLOROQUINE, and euthanized seniors residing in eldercare facilities. TRUDEAU, TAM et al are party to genocide. 

The police and the military should be removing these traitors and criminals from our parliamentary houses and government offices now!!!!!

I’m sick and tired of listening to news spewing utter bullshit, when respected doctors and scientists from all over the world completely disagree with the findings being published by these political and appointed criminals. The numbers keep going up, and we keep setting new records so they can continue this charade, until the DEATH NAIL is made available. 

That death nail is the vaccine which is being made available only to democratic, capitalist, Christian and predominantly Caucasian nations.

One final note. The American presidential election debacle was also orchestrated. What better way to compliment the Covid-hoax than with civil unrest? We are slowly be entrapped by our own stupidity.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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