Monday, November 23, 2020

The Anglo-Sino Plan for Canada

The Anglo-Sino Plan for Canada

While Anglo-Sino relations have gone from amicable to strained, the reality is that both countries have nationalist agendas. Oddly, this is something the Brits, the Chinese and the world does not want Donald Trump to pursue for the USA.

I believe the British monarchy has made two very important strategic moves. Ones that specifically involves Canada, and the other the USA. Both involve the cooperation of China.

The first is the concocted schism between the British crown and  Harry and Meaghan (H&M). Since leaving England H&M have amassed a personal net worth approaching one-quarter of a billion dollars. With evidence coming out every day about China’s involvement in the U.S. elections and the epic political bribery, one can only assume that the British and Chinese were protagonists of a U.S. presidential coup. But it does not look like Trump is biting with the election results, especially when he actually won. The Deep State were the other obvious partners.

With the election results having been rigged for a Joe Biden victory, both Britain and China were preparing for the takeover and management of the USA.  Their emissaries would have been Harry and Meaghan - the masked royals of the diaspora, to whom Biden and the Deep State would have cooperated with. After all, China already owns the Biden Family. This is not even a secret, yet Biden managed to be a presidential contender. What does this say about the intelligence of the American people - IDIOTS! 

A toxic nanotechnology Covid vaccine is the final weapon to subdue the American people.

The second phase of the plan was the takeover of Canada. The royals know the monarchy is reaching its entropic end amongst commonwealth nations. This involved the Anglo-Sino plan of placing a top Chinese spy in Canada. Her name is Theresa Tam.

The organizational chart for this scheme is not that complex.

China and Britain are at the top, with MI6 reporting to the queen or her family. The monarchy does not want a New World Order, but rather a technocratically controlled Old World Order where they are in full control.

The individuals that report to Theresa Tam include Justin Trudeau, dominant provincial and city leaders, and appointed medical officers of health at the various levels. Tam is a highly trained communist operative.

In turn, Theresa Tam, Bill Gates (together with his BigPharma and Technology connections) and the media executives would report to MI6. George Soros would act as an intermediary between MI6, Tam and Trudeau. Tam would report solely to China.

The Governor General, RCMP and Canadian military are essentially mute, and will likely follow orders.

The plan to accomplish this is simple:

Operation:  Covid-19

Allies:         China

Weapon:    Vaccine

Objective:  Technocratic Monarchy

End Goal:  Population reduction and a Technocratic Old World Order

Thank you,

Joseph pede

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