Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The Mystery of Ignorance

The Mystery of Ignorance

Occasionally I view Doug Ford (Premier of Ontario, Canada) spew his daily dose of propaganda on the Canadian public. It is in these Covid news briefings that I have come to understand exactly who Doug Ford is and who he represents. For me, there is also greater clarity in understanding Rob Ford’s demise.

Most people have heard of Merlin the Magician, but few understand his positioning within the ancient mysteries. Merlin used a wand made of wood from a holly tree to cast magic and chaos, just as Doug Ford uses holly-wood’s famous medium of television to deceive you and I.

The adepts of the ancient Masonic Orders believe in Illumination, and as such, they have become known as the Illuminati. Illumination simply refers to the fact that ancient knowledge is reserved for a select few. As one moves upward within the Masonic rites one asks for more light. The light, or knowledge (not truth), is given to you provided you qualify. There are certain things one must say or do in order to qualify. A neophyte may be fooled into believing he/she has chosen wisely when asked a question, but in fact, their answer will exclude them from receiving more light. One’s ability to choose wisely will bring one closer to Lucifer - the Illuminated One.

Covid-19’s global reset is all about sheep and cattle - that includes you and me. In fact, the reset involves the extermination of you and me. The real news is that we have no pandemic.

As of November 17, 2020, 10,463,000 Canadians have willingly submitted to a PCR test. Their DNA profile has now been stored for future use - perhaps extermination. 306,500 individuals have tested positive for a coronavirus (any one of a dozen of them), 244,150 individuals have recovered, and 11,086 deaths have been attributed to Covid-19. 

81-84% of those deaths have occurred in eldercare facilities (i.e. 8,980 seniors have died in eldercare facilities and 2,106 individuals have died across Canada). Where is the pandemic? During this same time no one appears to have died from pneumonia, influenza or the common cold. Ironically, Covid-19 has actually improved the health of Canadians. So why is a vaccine so important? Well, it isn’t.

As you can see from the above statistics, the TRUTH or ENLIGHTENMENT, not ILLUMINATION, is right before your eyes, but most of you can’t see it. Your journey in life should be to seek enlightenment, not fall prey to the lies of evil Luciferian mongrels who wish to exterminate you. Trudeau, Tam, Ford, Williams, Tory and Devilla are fulfilling out a Luciferian agenda. That’s the bottom line. The media simply reinforces the lie and discards the global truth that is being suppressed about Covid-19.

The Globalists greatest fear is that your conscious mind will awaken to seek and find the TRUTH. You are their only enemy.

Wake up,

Joseph Pede

I am attaching a link to an ancient Egyptian text known as the, “Book of the Heavenly Cow”. Masonic esoteric knowledge weighs heavily on Egyptology.

The Book placed the responsibility for peace and harmony squarely on human beings. Whereas before, Ra had taken care of his children, after their rebellion it was up to them to manage their own affairs in accordance with what they knew of the will of the lesser-gods who presided over the earth. Humans were no longer coddled by their creator; they were forced to grow up and take responsibility for their own actions and recognize the debt they owed to the gods who gave them life.

Like the Mesopotamian Atrahasis or the Great Flood story from Genesis, the Book of the Heavenly Cow relates a tale of transformation and maturation in the relationship between humanity and the divine. In all of these texts, a supernatural force creates humanity, comes to be displeased with the results, and decides to erase its mistake. Those who survive are then responsible for establishing a new and more mature relationship with their creator which requires growth and personal accountability. In this, the Book of the Heavenly Cow is a transformational text reminding one that, even though the gods may always be there, it is one’s personal responsibility to be worthy of their gifts.

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