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Dark Night of the Soul and the U.S. Presidential Election - What does it mean?

An interesting thing happened on November 8, 2020. The Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta did not elect a Prince and Grand Master to lead the Order. Instead they have appointed a Lieutenant and delayed the elected appointment for ONE YEAR.  The Knights of Malta have elected Fra’ Marco Luzzago, a native of Brescia, Italy, and a member of the order since 1975, as their new Lieutenant.

In essence, Pope Francis has taken over the Order and merged three of the Vatican’s most powerful arms. Francis is a Jesuit and as such he has combined both the White and Black (Society of Jesus aka as the Jesuits) factions of the Vatican, and he took control of the Knights of Malta when he removed Fra Matthew Festing in 2016.

We had the surprise death, in late April 2020, of the Order’s previous grand master, Fra’ Giacomo dalla Torre. Now there is no Grand Master. On Nov 1, 2020 Pope Francis named Cardinal Silvano Tomasi as his special delegate to the Order (i.e. after the surprise resignation of Cardinal Angelo Becciu in October, 2020). These changes have immense geo-political implications.

So why is this all so relevant? The Knights of Malta have 13,500 members, as well as 80,000 volunteers and 25,000 medical professionals providing humanitarian aid in 120 countries. The Order has formal diplomatic relations with 110 states, has official relations with another five states and with the European Union. Additionally it has observer status at the UN and some of the specialized agencies within the U.N. While the Knights are the political arm of the Vatican, the Jesuits are the powerful Intelligencia. Every other order (Franciscans, Dominicans, Opus Dei, monasteries, convents etc etc serve as intelligence hubs for the Jesuits).

What most do not realize is that Knights of Malta include most CIA and FBI directors, military leaders, many politicians and most royals and aristocrats. If anyone believes Joe Biden won the U.S. presidential election they should have their head examined. Trump’s presidency was stolen by very powerful forces, and the Vatican is positioning itself for the next round of the One World Order. The intelligence agencies and their control of the media are setting the stage for the final round of Globalism. Please be aware that the word “entertainment” is a derivation of the French term “entretain ment”, which means “maintenance of the lie”, and that’s exactly what the media has and is doing (i.e. under the control of the intelligence agencies).

Only one relevant person has refused to acknowledge Biden’s victory, and that is Vladimir Putin. Remember the Third Secret of Fatima? Well, it’s in play now. Putin does not appear eager to make a deal with the Devil.

What about Trump? He can seek the assistance of the Electoral Colleges, as some Republican state legislatures have the power to recast the delegates' votes, and he still does have the Supreme Court. Remarkably, Donald Trump appointed three Catholics to the SCOTUS but will it do him any good if he contests the election results. The Supreme Court of the USA has seven Catholic members and two Jews. Trump knows his life, and that of his family’s are in danger. It may be safer to walk away, but time will tell. Amazingly, Trump’s election platform insignia was exactly the same format as that of the Society of Jesus (i.e. Jesuit's insignia). 

Yesterday I emailed our MPPs and Federal leaders and said Covid’s end is near. Today Pfizer announced a vaccine that is 90% effective. It is ominous how Trump’s defeat has quickly re-energized the Globalists’ agenda. China’s relationship with the Vatican may be described as complex, but they are on the same page - “Global Communism”.

Every year in late June, the Vatican celebrates the Dark Night of the Soul. Men and women fly in from all over the world to participate in a ceremony that has been performed for centuries. 

The Dark Night of the Soul is a poem written by the 16th-century Spanish mystic and poet, St. John of the Cross. If you want to understand what is happening in the world today and are trying to grasp what the new normal is all about, then understand the following:

The term "dark night of the soul" in Roman Catholic spirituality describes a spiritual crisis in the journey toward union with God, like that described by St. John of the Cross. While this spiritual crisis is usually temporary, it may endure for a long time.

The Dark Night Of The Soul is the space between who you were and who you will become. You will have to completely let go of your old self to embrace a more enlightened self. When you abandon your old self, you will enter the darkness where the “old you” will be stripped away and the “new you” will be constructed.

I may be drawn to poetry for some spiritual reason. St John of the Cross was beatified on my birth month and day, and the year in which he was beatified is an anagram and reflection of my year of birth - 25 January 1675 (six is a reflection of nine). Likewise, the famous Scottish poet and rebel Robert Burns was born, January 25, 1759. The same rules apply. 

When one keeps their eyes wide shut the truth is difficult to see. The poem the Dark Night of the Soul is shown below:

The Dark Night

Stanzas Of The Soul

1. One dark night,

fired with love’s urgent longings

— ah, the sheer grace! —

I went out unseen,

my house being now all stilled.

2. In darkness, and secure,

by the secret ladder, disguised,

— ah, the sheer grace! —

in darkness and concealment,

my house being now all stilled.

3. On that glad night,

in secret, for no one saw me,

nor did I look at anything,

with no other light or guide

than the one that burned in my heart.

4. This guided me

more surely than the light of noon

to where he was awaiting me

— him I knew so well —

there in a place where no one appeared.

5. O guiding night!

O night more lovely than the dawn!

O night that has united

the Lover with his beloved,

transforming the beloved in her Lover.

6. Upon my flowering breast

which I kept wholly for him alone,

there he lay sleeping,

and I caressing him

there in a breeze from the fanning cedars.

7. When the breeze blew from the turret,

as I parted his hair,

it wounded my neck

with its gentle hand,

suspending all my senses.

8. I abandoned and forgot myself,

laying my face on my Beloved;

all things ceased; I went out from myself,

leaving my cares

forgotten among the lilies.

~ St. John of the Cross

The driving force behind this dark journey is what many mystics and religious scholars refer to as “ego death.” This death must happen so that your soul can be reawakened. In a sense, the darkness is a void (or symbolic womb) from which you will be reborn to a higher, more spiritually aligned consciousness – a new self.

The Dark Night Of The Soul is equally as complicated as it is simplistic. It is a paradox in its truest form. You have to embrace the darkness to find the Light. You have to die to self so you can truly live. You have to experience great loss so you can gain everything. You have to lose your way so that you can begin to walk your true path. You must abandon yourself to find yourself.

Thank you,

Joseph Pede


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