Friday, November 27, 2020

The "Crown" and an Important Video (must view)

Dr Hinshaw (Alberta Chief Medical Officer) accuses an unknown whistleblower, as someone who not only betrayed her trust, but that of the "CROWN" as well. 

Understanding this concept will allow you to understand the sedition, the planned genocide, the chaos and lies that are acting out during the Covid-lockdowns.

The issue is that the police, elected politicians, appointed and non-appointed public servants ALL swear an OATH to serve and protect the queen. The same pedophile and satanic queen whose thirst for power knows no bounds. She is prepared to kill, imprison and mutilate everyone within her Commonwealth, so she and her family of demons can continue to cannibalize their subjects, and rule over their domain in comfort and luxury. We are a constitutional monarchy, never forget that.

The underpinnings of our democracy are made of centuries war and genocide, and of the skull and bones of dead soldiers. A crown soaked in blood controlled by vampires who relish in wanting more blood.

It is time to end the lockdowns, and the only way possible is to rid ourselves of the satanic CROWN.

If you want to know who is responsible for these crimes against humanity and the economic chaos, then look east to Buckingham Palace. There resides Satan's bride, celebrating her ongoing victory over our stupidity.

Yes, Doug Ford you are a member of Satan's tribe and you will say and do anything to keep your oath with Satan's bride, because you want your share of the spoils at the end of the genocide. A pompous buffoon who spreads lies and fear for personal gain. Your attempt to derail the truth is pathetic.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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