Saturday, November 7, 2020

In Pieces, Find Their Rest

In Pieces, Find Their Rest

War is a competition designed by those who are lodged within the hidden thrones

An extravaganza crafted to remove flesh from a victim's skull and bones

The cause must seed hysteria amongst the unthinking crowd

Never to reveal the truth which is masked inside the demonic shroud

The battleground must be a place that is distant and obscure

Proximity plays a crucial role when presenting a vacation with hell's brochure

The media agenda at liberty to perpetuate deception at all costs

For how could one distinguish between real genocide and fake holocausts 

Bullets and bombs engineered to fuel profits for the Cabal's loyal mercenaries

Their story of greed and betrayal never to be revealed in the future's virtual libraries

Politicians will do their best to pay homage to their dead

Instead they are as wolves negotiating peace as two sheep breaking bread

But in the field of battle solders in pieces find their rest

Alongside mutilated and murdered children who from Heaven await to be blessed

For the onlooker, be grateful and remember the days when sorrow did not fall at your feet

Yet be mindful that war is a business where all of humanity falls to defeat 

Rest in Peace to those who rest in pieces,

Joseph Pede

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