Thursday, May 27, 2021

Demons - Cannibalism - Vaccines - Humanity's Fate

 If you have not as yet watched the following video presented by L.A. Marzulli, please start watching from the 53:00-minute mark. Call it prophecy or call it remote viewing, what this woman once stated has come to pass.

 Technology-laced vaccines will numb humanity into submission. I have mentioned my thoughts on this matter before.. Humans are a FOOD source for these demonic entities. Cannibalism is a rite within demonology. If you conclude demons seeded this planet with humans, then one can only assume a harvest will follow.

Satan (Fallen Angel/Demon), Lilith (Demoness/Satan's partner) and Cain (Satan and Lilith's son). Alternatively, it is said that Lilith was Adam's first wife. The lineage of Cain is the lineage of Satan. The demons are amongst us, as are the Nephilim and Rephaim. 

The "abortion industry" has directly or indirectly made humans participate in cannibalism by baptising humans into demonology. In my view, this is why more and more people seek exorcism. They have been unknowingly possessed.

Covid-19 vaccines, which contain fetal matter, 
will also cause "prion" disease.
Stop the vaccines!!!!!!

Once again, the female womb is God's Tabernacle. The womb is God's terrestrial chamber. It is the ONLY place in which the soul can descend into three-dimensional matter. 

Satan is attacking God with every abortion. The Covid-19 vaccines contain sterilization mechanisms so as to permanently sterilize the womb. The womb will be disconnected from God. Lab-created beings will be soulless beings. This is not different than the "mind" being hacked by the Technocrats (i.e. disconnect the brain from consciousness/God).

Cannibalism. One of the last, great taboos. And for good biological reasons. In the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea the locals, known as the Fore, practiced what was politely called “transumption,” which led during the late 1950s to the person-to-person transmission of a debilitating disease, kuru, in epidemic proportions. The “laughing disease” led to massive neural degeneration, eventually resulting in death (although sometimes with long latency periods) and was the result of the transmission of prions.

Prions are interesting because they’re sort of the exception that proves the rule of DNA. That is, while DNA replicates sequence, prions replicate conformation. Prions are peptides or proteins that assume a particular conformation. When a prion comes in contact with a similar protein that is not shaped the same the prion forces the protein to assume its conformation, and they aggregate together in a tight knit architecture known as an amyloid. This is the same sort of amyloid that occurs in the very similar prion disease Creutzfeld-Jakob disease (CJD) and in Alzheimer’s. So, you can sort of think of prions as the first domino that initiates a cascade of conformational events that leads to a big, tangled mess in your brain. Not good.

Here’s what’s been making me think. There is a variant of CJD (vCJD) that arose a few years ago in England and that could be traced, roughly, to the widespread distribution of what Denny Crane would call “the mad cow disease,” but which is more commonly known as Bovine Spongiform Encephelapathy. Here’s what I find fascinating: you feed cows the remains or waste of other cows, BSE can spread like wildfire (and who can forget the giant bonfires of cows in England circa the late 1980s). But while there were upwards of 180,000 cases of BSE amongst cows, there were only about 153 cases of vCJD (Beghi et al. (2004), Neurol Sci 25:122). The causal link between BSE and vCJD is sort of like the causal link between human activity and global warming: pretty convincing evidence, but hard to definitively prove (and in both cases the appropriate experiments that might directly test the hypotheses are understandably hard to run).

...and you thought life was hard.
Eternity is a much more difficult ticket.

Good night,
Joseph Pede

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