Sunday, May 2, 2021

wake and listen

wake and listen

my mind is as the wandering minstrel

or as a blinded sigil cast inside the walls of a shadowy cave

seeking truth through a hollow corridor of light

burdened always by the underworld creatures of darkness

my mind, forever seeking reason between the here and hereafter

grasping at monads hidden inside the immutable infinite dimension-filled Consciousness

all this, while remaining trapped inside the finite existence of the moment

fighting against time, and a truth that has been condemned by time

wake and listen my fellow brethren

your time is at an end if your mind has found comfort in lies

you are the effect of the causes accepted by you

time remains unchanged but the future is the change you create in time

you chose this place in time, in a former time

fate resurrected your return to this time and space

be as Arjuna’s nature, contemplate and remember, whilst the hands of time plague your weary body

let the thymus rest until the light has once again found your soul

Thank you,

Joseph Pede

Why are we fighting a pandemic that has seen less than 24,000 Canadians die in 16 months, of which 85% of the deaths were seniors in eldercare facilities? Why are we fighting a pandemic when 99.97% of those infected SURVIVE? Why has our government restricted Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, whose efficacy rate ranges between 85-100%, and coerced people to take "untested nanotechnology-laced serums" who efficacy ranges between 50-75%. The latter of which has killed and permanently injured hundreds of thousands of people. The vaccine is the virus.

U.S. FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn has approved Covid-19 toxins, not based on scientific testing, but rather on pressure exerted by the current White House for the toxins to be used for "Emergency Purposes". Government enacted "Emergency Measures" are the ONLY reason these toxins are being injected in people's arms.

Instead, Health Canada has issued an "Interim Order". Interim means this order can be reversed at any time to protect the criminal conduct of our political leaders and senior public servants.

Canadian COVID-19 vaccine maker "Providence" says it's leaving Canada after calls for more federal support go unanswered

Why is Providence leaving? Because the vaccine DOES NOT contain the proprietary Bill Gates technology patent prevalent in all authorized vaccines.

On April 20, 2020 I posted the patent information:

Read a brief history of the TREASON:

Thank you,

Joseph Pede

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