Friday, May 7, 2021

Freemasonry and the Covid-Agenda

Freemasonry and the Covid-Agenda

It is time Canadians dealt with the real virus head on. We need a full inquiry into the "fraternal status" of all our Councilors, Mayors, Premiers, MPs, MPPs, the PM, all senior public servants, media executives et al pushing the Covid-agenda.

We have never been healthier as a nation and Canadian deaths are at an all-time low. Our ICUs are empty or are less utilized than ever before.

We need to perform a FREEMASON audit, because these are the individuals running this entire FAKE agenda. You may think I am a NUT, but I guarantee you that the major players behind these ongoing crimes against humanity are in fact being perpetrated by members of the MASONIC ORDERS.

Once the audit is complete, you will discover that they have conjured the greatest crime against Humankind, in history. Every masonic temple is a logistical centre for GLOBAL tyranny.

The overwhelming problem is that virtually all individuals with senior authority in politics, government, the judicial system, policing, corporations, health care systems, the military etc are ALL FREEMASONS. They control EVERYTHING. They are bigger than organized crime because many who run organized crime groups are Freemasons as well. It's the biggest crime syndicate in the world. It includes religion, politics, corporate finance, education, medicine, the law, media & entertainment, and banking. Every NGO, institute and global think tank is controlled by them.

The Masonic strategy is to always present two central opposing points of view, or several points of view The end result is that they will win because ALL points of view are controlled by them. Freemasonry is no different than the mythical Hydra.

As I have stated before, the vast majority of Masons are foot-soldiers, completely unaware of the central agenda. They are PAWNS who create a STRATEGIC SHIELD between the useless eaters (us) and the coven of Satan - those who have achieved the 33rd degree. They are the highest-ranking members of the fraternal and chivalrous orders. Yet it is said that the masonic rites go well beyond the 33rd degree, with a select body holding those higher degrees, where Satan himself is the ultimate worshipful master,

The loyal PAWNS have been given job security for life, perhaps public notoriety, great salaries and benefits, and their family members will benefit in the same way.  Bob Rae moves from socialism to liberalism with many appointments in between, Tony Clement moves from politics to sexual perversion to media personality, Mike Harris' Ipperwash Scandal is cooled when three OPP officers die mysteriously and the list goes on. It's not a mystery, it's public ignorance.

The PAWNS are as bullets, rewarded and protected, and used to destroy all those who interfere with the hidden agenda. The PAWNS will be eliminated when they have completed their service to the cause.

You will never know who the Freemasons are until we create laws to identify the members of the Orders. Those who outwardly defend the "useless eaters" may in fact be one of them. They create this type of activity to isolate and identify non-conformists and non-compliance.

Our Canadian political leaders are no different.  Trudeau, O'Toole, Singh et al serve the same master. This is how the Covid Agenda, the Carbon Agenda, the Censorship Agenda and ultimately how the Global Communism Agenda may prevail - with Satan at the top and billions of humans lying dead at their feet,

FEAR is the Mason's most powerful weapon.  They are transforming your body into a coffin.

We are at the point where Freemasons must decide if humanity is greater than fraternity, and if any one of them wishes to be party to genocide? For those sitting on the fence, they must decide if exterminating their extended family, friends and innocent bystanders is justifiable.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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