Monday, May 3, 2021



where are our cardinals, bishops and priests

where are our imams and rabbis

where are our elders and chiefs

where are the those who profess to know, love and fear God

we are standing at the base of the newest crucifixion

our young and old are dying

not because of disease but rather because of loneliness, drugs, fear and lies

why have you lent your hands to those who bind them

there is no glory in the death of another you

our souls are united by an infinite twine of Consciousness

what they believe they have divided, they have made more impenetrable

while fragile and perishable, we are the osmium of all creation

why do you fear those who wish to imperil you

is it the dread of imprisonment, death and dishonour

is honouring self more important than honouring your unending soul

why do you opt to exist, if all you desire is a daily breath and swallow

when the road appears to have come to an end

you must continue your gait and know something greater will ensue

the path was always clear and precise, even if unconstructed

for God created the path, but you instead chose the Devil’s possibilities

where are our police officers, who offer to serve and protect

where are our military men and women, who offer us liberty

where are our judges, who uphold our laws

where are those who have sworn an oath to God, knowing we are part of God 

stop the madness that is maddening the world

stop the few who are much fewer than us

stop the liars and their litany of lies

stop the insanity

Thank you,

Joseph Pede

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