Monday, May 31, 2021

Kensington Market, A Covid Free Zone & A comment that may surprise you

Well today was the first day we visited Kensington Market. One of my wife's and mine favourite places to go for a walk and a meal in Toronto. Drove down with my convertible-top down. It was a cool but sunny day. The entire neighbourhood was packed with "mask-less" people. I mean REALLY PACKED. Predominantly a younger crowd, with a lot of very good-looking women and men. Everyone was sitting, walking, eating, cycling, laughing, holding hands, or just having fun being ALIVE. FEAR could not be found anywhere. Even had a transsexual throw me a smile from his/her bicycle. We wanted to stop at Wanda's to buy some pies but unfortunately parking was impossible to find. the coconut cream pie will have to wait.  I suggest every Torontonian visit Kensington market next weekend so they can just enjoy life. My message to our political traitors is simple - SCREW OFF and go kill your own families.

While I'm not a jew I would encourage all faith-groups to hit Bathurst St. next Saturday morning, or evening after 8:00PM, and stand outside the synagogues. The synagogues on Bathurst St are non-descript but there are dozens and dozens of them (from Wilson Ave to Eglinton).  You can call the event, "join the jews". You will be able to practice your own religions without fear. Bring some bagels and cream cheese to break the ice. I don't think the jews will mind.  Our anti-Christian political leaders, Ford and Tory, and the police who do not fine or arrest the jews will be totally confused. Why are we allowing these political jackasses to get away with these overt crimes of racism? They are scumbags who must be evicted from political office.

And yes - the Globalists continue to divide us whenever possible. But how many people know Black Slavery was a jew-thing. Not only did jews own over 70% of the Black Confederate Slaves, jews also controlled the slave trade and murdered over 100 million African Blacks over four centuries. The slave trade and cotton trade saw vast amounts of capital flow Northward, where all the jewish-owned cotton factories and banks were located. White Christian Europeans had very little to do with the Black Slave trade - other than the monarchies. In fact, many White Christians were sold into servitude to jews - jews owned White Christian slaves as well. Blacks should be thankful to Caucasian Conservative Christians for fighting against the slave trade. Racism and the Black slave trade are not the same thing. People will just hate people for any reason. The TRUTH is not HATE.

Finally, some personal thoughts.

I believe in two things that may be quite difficult for you to believe. 

Most governments are pressuring and obligating, if not legislating, that healthcare professionals get vaccinated. By doing so, the healthcare community will be the first to fall ill, or in some way, become victimized by the technology inside the vaccine. My belief is that healthcare professionals will be targeted for serious illness, and/or death. The result will be that the general population will not receive the required healthcare they need when they fall ill. It will become and supply and demand issue. Ultimately the sick within the general population will also meet an early demise. By eliminating the supply of doctors and nurses they will create a real pandemic for any and all diseases.

Secondly, I believe that the planet is now overseen by individuals who are alien-hybrids. The agenda of sterilization and genocide cannot be of human origin. Eradicating 90% of human life would be a Satanic agenda. That of the Watchers or the Fallen Ones.  Advances in science and technology, accompanied by mind-control programs, have been very successful in subjugating humans. The result is that human-hybrids have taken full control of this planet. The extra-dimensional beings who have master-minded the fall of Mankind will harvest humanity as food, and then move on. Human-hybrids will then oversee the repopulation of the planet using controlled birthing techniques.

Please do not think my thoughts to be absurd. I have communicated these thoughts for over a decade, truly believing this to be the case. We are being over-taken by an army of extra-dimensional beings led by Satan himself.

Thank you,

Joseph Pede

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