Saturday, May 16, 2020

"Cov-19 Circuit" link to Covid-19 and 5G - Is Covid a "Trans-humanistic Nano-bot"?

One of my earliest assumptions was that the coronavirus was linked to 5G activation. Could Covid-19 really be a trans-humanistic nano-bot which can be activated with 5G technology, rather than a biological virus? The implications would be ominous. 

Millimeter waves are used for military fire-control radar, airport security scanners, short range wireless networks, weapon system LRAD, and scientific research.

Will Covid-19 be rained down upon humanity with chem-trails when the airline industry resumes operation? 

It is a known fact that the airline industry has been covertly employed to discharge chem-trails into the atmosphere for decades, but with the airline industry in lock-down, what exactly is the current state of chem-trails?

Rogers Inc has been the primary installer of 5G towers in Canada. You will notice by looking at the installation map that the greatest numbers of Covid-19 cases occurred in Ontario and Quebec, where Rogers Inc 5G towers are now installed.

In Toronto the 5G Tower is located just south of Toronto City Hall - on the northwest corner of Bay St and Queen St. (i.e. north of Queen and west of Bay).

Below is a LINK to the global 5G tower installation map:

See the latest 5G rollouts across the world with our interactive 5G map. We’re tracking 5G cellular networks so you don’t have to. The Ookla 5G map will be updated with new cities as we see results.

View the COV-19 Circuit in the video below:

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