Sunday, May 17, 2020

DARPA's Personal Protective Biosystem

I'm not here to discuss herd immunity, hydroxychloroquine, social distancing or anti-body testing. I'm here to tell you about the imminent future of personal protective equipment. 

On December 4, 2019 DARPA introduced the term
"Personal Protective Biosystem".

Full text of the Biosytem:

Below is a brief summary for those who are unaware of this new technology. Covid-19 was a simulation for many things, including the transformation of our largest organ, commonly known as "skin".

Amongst the many objectives of Agenda2020 and the Alien Agenda, the one objective which remains grey are the many facets of trans-humanism.

Our politicians are pushing PPE to hide the truth about this particular facet of the simulation. In the meantime I urge you to keep looking into the skies.

At the end of this email is a video message from Rick Wiles. It identifies the enlightened base of individuals who can see past the veil of treason - the treason to which many of our political leaders and appointed public servants are party to. Euthanizing seniors, hiding the impact and covert uses of 5G technology, the creation of trans-humanistic nano-vaccines, destruction of our social and religious structures etc etc. In essence it's about de-humanization. In the end, it's about the Morlock and Eloi.

Rather than politicians ranting and raving in our legislatures, seek the truth.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Personalized Protective Biosystem (PPB)
Dr. Eric Van Gieson

Chemical and biological (CB) threats have become increasingly ubiquitous and diverse. They present a risk to our stability operators in pandemic outbreak scenarios, and our war-fighters serving in diverse operating environments. State-of-the-art protective equipment continues to severely limit mobility and performance of the user because of a dependence upon protective garments that are thick, heavy, and cumbersome. The Personalized Protective Biosystem (PPB) program aims to reduce protective equipment needs while increasing protection against existing and future CB threats.

PPB technologies aims to improve stability and provide flexibility for field-forward individuals operating in austere environments--regardless of threat. This will be achieved with lightweight materials and adaptable, tissue-protective countermeasures acting independently, or as an ensemble, to provide on-demand, broad spectrum, and rapid protection. Most importantly, the program will leverage molecular components or commensal organisms at key points of vulnerability to remove protective equipment burden from the user. Successful PPB technologies would therefore change how the military and public health communities perform in unpredictable threat environments.
DARPA's program is using synthetic biology that would live on or in you to protect you at your tissue barriers.  Barriers were created by God to keep you safe but as these barriers are degraded science is offering you a synthetic barrier.   
There is a wave of SynBio right now.  SynBio is where scientists use bacteria and other products to work for us.  That usually happens in a Bioreactor or fermenter in a factory or warehouse somewhere but now it is coming to your microbiome.  DARPA is going to use the same bacteria and processes that are used in drug manufacturing and other industrial processes.  In other words, you literally become a synthetic factory!  Your body becomes the factory manufacturing the compounds that they promise will protect you.  In its primitive state this is what GMO food does to your gastrointestinal system, turns it into a living pesticide factory.  We all know how well that worked out for humanity with a surge in detrimental health problems.
Given DARPA’s proclivity for swarming these synthetic entities will have swarming capability that can rapidly overtake a normal human.
There are companies actually doing clinical trials right now where you can take in certain bacteria that can live in your body that make product to protect you from toxins, treat irritable bowel disorder, and even go so far is to replace your organ function such as your kidneys.  These bacteria in theory would process the toxic waste products from your blood that the kidneys would typically accomplish.  DARPA believes that this is fantastic. 
In essence, what this is doing is engineering your own synthetic microbiome.  You must understand that your microbiome controls your whole body, everything from your organs, blood, brain, hormones, and more.  You are translated into a synthetic or artificial being or entity.   
DARPA wants to bring in other types of organisms that can live on and in you.  These are foreign invaders who have “evolved” over millions of years and have potential to live within you in a proposed symbiotic way (you scratch my back, I will scratch yours) known as commensal relationship. Commensalism is a type of relationship where one of the organisms benefits greatly from the symbiosis. The other is not helped but is not harmed or damaged from the relationship. In other words, this is a one-sided symbiotic relationship
DARPA is going to engineer and gene-edit these ancient entities that they plan to make ubiquitous to protect us.  They can produce antibodies, vaccines, compounds that interact with bacteria or viruses or even chemical agents and enzymes.  Once again, supposedly breaking them down before they can hurt us. 
A BCM that when inhaled or applied to the eyes or skin must neutralize diverse chemical and biological agents before they can impact the individual.
  1. BCM solutions should be a ‘plug and play’ format; such that the platform will accommodate reconfiguration against different agents. b. Increasing the “catalog” of threats protected against by BCM should not compromise breadth of CB threat protection.
  2. Rapid (within minutes), and long-lasting (30 days) protection will be required.
  3. Living organism-based BCM approaches should include multiple safeguards such as “toggle switches” for activation and deactivation in the body.
In essence, we have a constant circulating or “presence” within our body.  This presence enters us through the air, our eyes, absorbed through our skin, or ingested.  This commensal action will give a person 30-day protection. 
PPB is a physical solution and a biological “Solution” that will live on us and in us to protect us thereby eliminating the need for God’s protection. 
At this time, it is a temporary alteration as they work the bugs out but it could become permanent at any time.  There is an “on and off switch” or a kills witch as it is known.  That may sound good but your controllers can turn these switches on and off at will.  The teams designing this system have been given orders to demonstrate the ability to turn off their system within 1 hour.  You also have to be able to turn this SynBio within an hour. 
This is a 5-year program and all of humanity will merge with SynBio by 2025.  Proposing teams must be multidisciplinary with expertise in nanocomposite, smart textiles, smart molecular or nanoscale sorbents, commensal organisms, gene and protein expression systems, immunogenicity, metabolomics, and medical device development. Proposing teams are strongly encouraged to include expertise across fields, as well as with industry partners familiar with FDA or equivalent regulatory approvals.

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