Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Trudeau and his minions must be ARRESTED and normality brought back to Canada

A Hare Krishna colleague introduced me to the concept of Advaita. This concept re-affirms, for me, that God's infinite well of knowledge is both holographic and part of our ethereal DNA. 

Advaita Vedanta  literally means "not-duality". The term Advaita refers to the idea that the true self, Atman, is the same as the highest metaphysical reality of the universe, Brahman.

The followers of this school are known as Advaita Vedantins......regarding the phenomenal world as illusory, that is, created by the sense-impressions and the mind, and they seek spiritual liberation through recognizing this illusoriness of the phenomenal world and acquiring vidyā (knowledge) of one's true identity as Atman, and the identity of Atman and Brahman.
We must then conclude that Covid-19 forms part God's Akashic Library, as Free Will provides us the authority to explore the library's rare book section. In so doing, we also choose to experience the collateral damage which ensues when one opens the restricted doors of the Akashic Library. While all knowledge is known to God, some of it was not intended to be part of the human experience. The Fallen Angels and their subjects are beings which entered those doors, and explored the possibilities.

The few who create the malevolent Egregore aim to undue the absoluteness of the hologram - a hologram whose template is immutable and infinite. Alarm bells should sound within the whole of human consciousness when this occurs, but they have not. 
The mind, the software which links universal consciousness to the thinking brain, has been hacked by those very same malevolent beings. They have that ability because the Akashic Library provides them that authority as well.
We, as thinking and enlightened beings, must call for the immediate arrest and punishment of Justin Trudeau, Teresa Tam, David Williams, Eileen DeVilla and all other public officials and politicians who sought to destroy humankind, and who committed crimes of genocide against humanity in the process. This evil must be extinguished.
The evil Egregore, which sought the enslavement and destruction of humanity, cannot have dominion over Atman, for we are Brahman.
Those of you who support this murder, genocide and destruction are just as guilty. Covid-19 is not a virus, it is a device which will attempt to destroy Atman, and ultimately Brahman. 

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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Spiritnet Tamohara dasa said...

Topmost aristic and real political poetry. also chek out acintya bheda abheda tattva, that being a more modern development historically speaking, in progressive Vedic thought in India. But yes, exactly! The mundane demonic forces wish to be themself the Bhagavan, ie Godhead, and so they somehow or other always fight the devotees of Godhead. Universal consciousness is step one, there being next from brahmameti paramatmeti and bhagavan it sabdyate, three steps as it were. It is like a train at night; from a distance is is like an all pervasive sound. As it grows near, it's form and work can be seen, and finally, one may meet the conductor and engineer. The Advaitins imagine God is also but a subject of karma, and that is their envious falldown.