Friday, May 15, 2020

White & Black Magic

Today let's look at the inevitable topic of so-called Black Magick and White Magick.
Black Magick has been embellished and relished by sensationalists–and you'll often see Hollywood-style and musician-style makeup and tattoos on so-called Black Magicians.

This should be a red flag for many, because Magick is an inner journey. Therefore the embellishments in public of outrageous makeup, nail polish and paraphernalia shows the ego on most Black  Magicians.
It is easy to see that any art or activity can be used to either benefit or harm human beings. Magick is therefore no exception to this.
However, at the same time most of the viciousness and cruelty which masquerades as Black Magick is on a base level no more than just that: extremely stupid, sadistic, and products of an unbalanced psyche, and compensating for an inferiority complex in those predisposed with rather weak characters.
Then there are those who are not just poser types with warped personalities, who in reality are cruel, twisted and downright evil.
There is sufficient nastiness and downright harmful activity in this world active already, without any implications of Magick.

To dress up in the theatrical trappings of stage set Satanism and call this mess Black Magick  is utterly inaccurate to say the least.
Real Black Magick does exist, however, and consists in the expectations of such situations for much more deadly purposes by much more evil and sinister entities and soul-less human beings, which unfortunately have  infiltrated the political as well as the entertainment and various ruling hierarchies worldwide!
These types are well aware of how to handle evil for their own exclusive interests, which are opposed to the cosmic ends of the truly enlightened God-Force connected spiritual travelers like you  and I.
This is the clear dividing line between Black and White Magick. Both the techniques of self-assertion, but the Black Magician asserts and maintains his or her own ego at the expense of others, and by  preventing their individual evolution is much as possible.
Please reread the above because this is what you have to be aware of, when getting suckered in with any type of Black Magick.
This is much the same principle as  being wealthy by keeping everybody else poor, or seeming to be clever by preventing others from learning.
The evil form of Black Magick by the above entities and soul-less beings on this earth, trap the first type of  theatrical Black Magician mentioned above into believing they can gain power and riches.
In fact, they are slowly being cultivated into becoming slaves,  losing their mastery of self and becoming lost and entangled within the leash of these evil beings behind really nasty Black Magick.
It is the control by contrast method of the big frog in a little pond, which only works for frogs that are able to  retard development in tadpoles occupying the same space. This is the analogy I can best portray for you.

In the case of the White Magician, individuation of self is carried out as a direct act of advancement between the initiate in his or her inherent cosmic intention, independent of other self -activities in any direction.
The desire to reconnect with the God-Force, and uplift those around us for the benefit of humanity is the mark of the true seeker on his or her way to ultimate self-mastery and ascendance into  higher spiritual growth and the freedom that it bestows upon the pure Magician, the White Magician-with the side effect of gaining truly remarkable powers.
Because this act is essentially universal and cosmic, many others will benefit from it, as for instance someone  who gains wealth by enriching others, or how the cultural attainments of a single person might influence whole generations of people.
This is the huge and fundamental difference between Black and White Magick.
Black Magick inhibits individualization of your self through the arbitrary limits it imposes for its own purposes, while White Magick encourages this process of perfection through its entire field of influence and for the betterment of all.
It must not be assumed, however that a White Magician is essentially a do-gooder, inflicting unmasked benefits upon less able human beings.
A White Magician's primary concern is  his or her own personal perfection for the sake of increasing power to shine the single God-Force living light that intends the individual evolution of every conscious human being and life form in the universe
Accordingly the White Magician tries to work this will and energy in connection with the God-Force within him or herself, and does not intentionally interfere with how this beneficial influence will affect and work in others.
By respecting the integrity of other beings, the White Magician enhances the state of his or her own.
Where benevolent activity is called for in the normal course of civilized conduct, this is readily forthcoming, and where defensive measures are needed in support of ethical standards, these are  freely applied. In general, however, the White Magician keeps to him or herself and minds his or her own business rather than interfering in the daily affairs of others unbidden.

When he or she engages in ordinary daily affairs, the White Magician uses practical human abilities unmixed with Magick in the proper sense of the word.
The White Magician never attempts to use the magical art to inhibit the wills of other individuals, even if those intend evil.
In such a case however a competent initiate of Magick could arrange means whereby a projection of ill-intentioned  would reflect back harmlessly from the objective to the detriment of the sender.
And severe cases this may even bind and render the attacker harmless. Let me give you an example. If an extreme attack by an evil doer  against the White Magician could not be contained by the simplest of means, the White Magician would call upon the God-Force and employ methods of protection whereby the evil Black Magicians own workings would backfire, and progressively increase in severity rather than fire a single kill shot which the White Magician  does not do unless it is the workings of the God-Force that it must be so.
Revenge plays no part in White Magick, and the energies used for evil or sufficient to cause their own retribution and equation when transformed and redirected to their intentional transmitter.
An intentional practitioner of Black Magick has to live in this world just like everybody else does, and therefore falls under the same general framework of conventions, codes, laws and regulations of human behavior which are common to human associations on earth.
Therefore the Black Magician must make his or her Magick conform with convenience. The Black Magician like the White Magick counterpart has to use 21st century circumstances in which to do his or her  workings, and if the Black Magicians rewards seem much richer in contrast to past times, so have the risks of failure increased as well.
We must always remember that the central aim of Black Magick, which is interference with the initial individualizing intention and the supplanting of this by the pseudo-self or imitation  individuality. 
This is like an artificial ego developed after many incarnations during which the surviving consciousness operating through a human unit, has become more and more attached to mundane matters, and  is more deeply involved the occupation of earthly power positions than with the ends of true spiritual evolution and reconnecting with the God-Force which is of more spiritual importance.
The Black Magician becomes lost in the  trap of chasing power which actually lowers rather than uplifts.
The goal of the White Magician is truly to go forwards and upwards and along the way of this true transformation and ascendance, so that others may also find their way up towards the God-Force,  attain ultimate life mastery and eventually take his or her place in the Kingdom of Light and reap its rewards.
Whereas the Black Magician falls further into illusion, remaining a slave, losing any semblance of attaining  ultimate life mastery, remaining trapped in the lower worlds, and possibly becoming completely absorbed and processed.

Today, wannabe Black Magicians face even greater dangers than ever, because there are occult sharks that recruit from the Black Magick boards and groups as well from among the students of the theatrical "Dark Fluff" types.

Wannabe Black Magicians who get invited to the wrong Hollywood party, just might never be seen or heard from again, because the most depraved Black Magicians of all use cruelty, torture, rape, and murder to fuel their spells.

I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but let's be clear about one thing... 

We are in the middle of a spiritual war on planet Earth and the very future of humanity is at stake.

The Dark Forces seek to enslave, surveil, and control human beings in every aspect of our lives, and ultimately to destroy our entire species.

There is no way to sugar coat this. We White Magicians are embroiled in the fight of our lives.

But we fight not to destroy the evil ones, nor do we even fight "against" them, as this would drag us down to their level.

Instead we fight to manifest a "pro-human future", wielding the God-Force as a sword of living light... 

We guide our actions by a code of magical chivalry..

... as we wield our swords of living God-Force, day after day, every single sunrise without fail, in our magical struggle to achieve...

"Human Freedom World-Wide!"
In freedom, chivalry and truth,
David John Griffin
Imperator LVX ex Septentrionis HOGD RR+AC
Bishop Ioannes AΩ

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