Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Yesterday’s Gone

Yesterday’s Gone

I awoke to discover that tomorrow had passed
Yesterday had fallen into today’s forecast
Time appeared to be so confused 
Events were blurred on the front page news

It’s hard to believe that yesterday’s gone
Did the sun not meet the evening dawn
I had not yet closed my eyes for nighttime’s regression
And without warning I became tomorrow’s possession 

Memories now are not unlike a hollow grave
Dreams destroyed by a sudden wave
Life as uncertain as the winded arrow
Sad songs silence the tiny sparrows

Yesterday proved to be an easy friend
Of tomorrow yesterday did not portend
A dark cloud lit the way for the new reality
Masked faces amused by the commoner's complaint hyperbole

But say not good-bye to a trusted companion
For in the wilderness you become as the unyielding stallion
The times are no different than the times of long ago
The quagmire's solution is found in history’s shadow

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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