Friday, May 8, 2020

deja vu

deja vu

fantastic is the idea that you are incapable of knowing
for in modern society this concept is continually growing
sterile words fill your minds like an intoxicating elixir
suffocating reason as would a boa constrictor

forgetfulness has become a wanting obsession
akin to a scuba diver refusing life-saving decompression
delusion has made daily living whimsical jolly
seeding community with a cancerous melancholy 

containment has evolved into societal sobriety
rules have castaway the euphoria of variety
roads and sidewalks find themselves empty of life
daily living confined to tiny rooms filled with stress and strife

the hands of time move faster than ever before
the spice of life now exists in the prescriptions of the corner drug store
humans have been made to become part of the much larger zoo
the genesis of evil has imprisoned your "deja vu"

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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