Saturday, May 23, 2020

Heaven's Gates

Heaven’s Gates

Heaven’s Gates are calmly closing
Michelangelo’s hand is slowly decomposing
The Guardian Angels turn inward towards eternity
The Fallen Ones stand mired at the footsteps of posterity

Today God’s gifts are but scraps at the end of the day
Avarice’s comforts have negated our need to pray
The Devil’s possessions relax our daily amens
Depravity’s taps have drained our spiritual fountains

The gift of human life is like none other
Pasted flesh adorns our life long cover
The brain encapsulated by a protectionist bone
The silver cord awaiting resurrection to a place unknown

Let not today be your eternal crypt
For in everlasting’s majesty there is no manuscript
Seek the wisdom that is beyond your time
For the gift of life is an eternal rhyme

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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