Wednesday, February 24, 2021

A Covid Summary with a Insight from Bill Gates

Population and death statistics for Ontario, Canada are shown below, as well as the source links from which they were obtained. As I have said, we have never been healthier as a nation. If we subtract, from overall deaths, the seniors whom were EUTHANIZED, the results show a very healthy nation, and that Covid-19 is a fraud. Either way, there is no pandemic. In reality we have had 6,000 more deaths from 2019 to 2020, with a population increase of 190,000 people during that same time frame.

We won't mention the fact that Covid-19 has a survival rate of 99.1%
(1-21762/23,880,652) - deaths/total cases as of 02/24/22 at 6:22PM, that political leaders have BANNED known cures such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and threatened medical bodies should they have dispensed those drugs, that they have instead chosen to infect Canadians with a toxic vaccine, and someone has built a DNA DataBank consisting of almost 24,000,000 Canadian profiles as of today's date. See very bottom of email for weblink. A DNA DataBank which can be used for BioWeapons. Who has this information, where is it stored, what are the privacy issues surrounding this information and will it be sold to the highest bidder?



Death % to Population

Remove Deaths for Seniors in Eldercare Homes

Revised Death % to Population





















Jesus and the prophets did not descend into matter to waste their time, but rather to give meaning and understanding to the life that exists within time. I've never fully read the Bible but I have come to understand the significance of that book, and of many other great books. As Spencer Tracy said in, Inherit the Wind, the Bible is a good book, but it is not the only book.

The one difference is that the Bible contains that one monad of inspiration which God uttered into Creation - thought converted to form by sound. A Creation brought into existence by thought, yet gifted with the very device that could negate our attachment to the very source of all thought. It is known as free will. 

Good books seek to teach that we do good, and strive to uncover the dimensionless knowledge stored within our subconscious. You can read the many lessons each book attempts to communicate, but their pages will grow yellow, or their script will fade with the passage of time, if we do not acknowledge their existence. There is also an ethereal book stored in the Akashic realm which would provide a similar level of understanding, but why ascend when we have yet learned to take the first step into understanding the hidden impediments which exist within our material world.

Karmic Law and Newton's Third Law should manifest in the natural world, yet if one looks around today, you are left to ask, from whence has all this evil come? The evil appears to have overtaken good, because evil is forever busy. The reason is - good has been imprisoned by fear. The good is here, but expressionless. It is time to express yourself, not for self, but for everyone else. 

The police must stand down, and legislators must walk away from their party loyalty. No leader should ever have the capacity to trample over our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They may have been legislated, but they are God given, just like Freedom of Speech and the Right to Bare Arms. 

By the way, Hate Speech is Freedom of Speech and it is not Hate, it is thought, and thought is God. 

What I do abhor is the manifestation of evil that has taken form in Trudeau, Ford, Tory, Tam, Williams, DeVilla, and the few they have come to represent.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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