Friday, February 19, 2021

What is the TRUTH?

The apostate heretic vicar of Satan continues to impregnate the House of God with BULLSHIT.  Francis is a demonic and spiritually void presence.

Why don't Canadian legislators launch a motion to expose the genocidal and murderous history of jews, rather than continuing to protect their lies. 

Sassoons & Delanos - Drugged (Opium) to death over 100 million Chinese. No different than what the modern-day Sackler family have done to the North Americans - created an opioid crisis

Bolshevik jews (Marx, Trotsky, Kaganovich et al) - murdered 66 million Russian Christians

Bolshevik jews - starved to death 15-30 million Christian Ukrainians in less than one year - the Holodomor

Merchant jews - started and controlled the Black slave trade, as well as having owned 70% of the Black Confederate slaves - over 100 million African Blacks vanished

jews disguised as the Dönmeh or Young Turks - slaughtered 3 million Christian Armenians

and the list goes on

Revisiting the TRUTH

We must never allow man-made authority to encage, usurp, reprogram or lobotomize our ability to think or draw thoughts from what is universal consciousness, or God.

The mRNA vaccine is a destroyer of THOUGHT. So are hysteria, propaganda, lies, deception, fear and ignorance.

We are not "immune" from those who challenge God's "immutability". The truth will prevail with or without any of the Pleroma's thought-components.

Satanists believe they can replace God. You cannot replace what is "ALL".  The British queen, Trudeau and all those who follow them, are knowingly or unknowingly, acknowledging Satan as their god.

The police must stand down and legislators must walk away from party leadership and/or loyalty. COVID is a HOAX.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

What is the Truth?

The Truth is that which is. It is all that is. As there cannot be something and nothing, so the Truth, being that which is. must at the same time be all that there is.

Where is the Truth?

If the Truth is All, it must be everywhere; being all, there is no other substance to divide it with; being undivided, it is everywhere present. All Truth, which means all power, must be present at all points, or at any given point, at any and at all times.

Has the Truth changed?

A substance cannot change unless there is something for it to change into. Since the Truth is all, it cannot change, for there is no other thing for it to change into; whatever is the Truth, then, has never changed and has always been the Truth which you will find.

Is the Truth, or that which is, one or many?

It must be one, since it is all. Truth is absolute or it is not Truth at all.

Is the Truth conscious?

Yes, humankind is conscious. Humans could not be so unless Truth or Life were conscious. human self-consciousness proves the self-consciousness of Life or Truth or Spirit. Like produces like.

What comes out of life?

Everything that is comes out of life. If life is all then it follows that all that is is some form of life.

How does life make things?

Being all, it must make things out of itself. It must operate upon itself, through itself, and out of itself must make all that is made. Being conscious, it must know that it is doing this.

What would we call this inner movement of Life?

The inner movement of Life or consciousness we would call thought or the self-knowing of Life or Spirit.

Then the universe and all that is a part of it comes to us from thought?

Yes, everything comes from creative thought.

Do we not see a visible world that seems to change, and if we do, how is it that it could come from something that never changes?

Yes, we do see a changing world, but back of it is a changeless substance. The thing that changes is the thought or form; the substance from which this form comes never changes. It is one and undivided, and takes form through thought in all things. We prove this when we resolve all things into one Source. All material things, so called, can be reduced into formless 'substance, the sole activity of which must be thought or the movement of intelligence upon itself.

What causes form to change?

The spiritual  intelligence behind it.

Is there nothing in the Universe, then, but Life, thought and spiritual form?

These are all.

If this is true, what is physical law?

Physical law is simply the result of the spiritual inner movement of Life.

If things and laws are the result of the spiritual inner movement of Life, then does it not follow that thoughts are things?

Yes, all things are simply thought forms and everything is energy so energy and thought are things.

How long does thought last as form?

As long as the thought is held in Life or Mind and with that in can be manifested through Magick.

Does the thought of Life, Mind or God-Force ever change?

From all that we can know the thought of God seems to change. That is, planets change, take form and again become formless. When we realize that all this can take place without ever changing the substance behind it, we see no reason why God's thought could not change and ever build up a higher form. Indeed, this is one of the teachings of Ancient Wisdom, that while reality never changes, the form that it takes is ever changing and the God-Force moves through everything.

What is humankind’s place in the creative order?

Humans are a thinking center in Mind, reproducing in a smaller scale all there is in the Universe.

Humans mirror the universe and can go to the inner to reconnect with the God-Force and the Universe.

Does this not make man's thought creative?

In a certain sense it does. What we call creation is not making something out of nothing, but it is thought taking form. Linking with and channeling the God-Force.

And as man thinks, and as thought must take form, then it must follow that man's thought must take form in mind and so become creative.

What is man's thought?

It is the activity of that something within that can say, "'I Am." And at that point re-connect and channel the God-Force.

That is it for today.

In freedom, honor, and truth,

David Griffin, Imperator HOGD RR&AC, Bishop AΩ

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