Wednesday, February 10, 2021

We have sought to be the underwriters of creation rather than its shareholders

We have allowed for our “innate ability of self-destruction” to follow those who have mastered the art of artificiality and lies. We have sought ascension into the material world rather than in the ethereal realms, believing the synthetic adornments we attach to our ego will make life much more palatable. 

We have sought to be the underwriters of creation rather than its shareholders. 

We see, but have shone darkness atop the truth, for fear that fear may lose its grip on tomorrow’s horizon, knowing not that the dust-cover of tyranny is embossed with malevolent grimoire.

On Shakespeare’s “stage” humans are mere actors, but on God’s stage we are the scribes. Do not allow the gods of destruction to direct humankind into a future where there exists no tomorrow. Novels, as life, are filled with many chapters - our book of life is infinite - don't cut it short !!!!

As the strands of the cosmic web continue to rupture, the web of deceit continues to flourish. DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE and demand justice for our murdered seniors. They have been euthanized. 

The police MUST stand down and legislators MUST denounce their party affiliation. Your obligation to humankind is far greater than any loyalty you may have to a political party leader.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

The just in time book, for the just in time plan-demic.

“(Schwab) sent me a copy (...of his book). I guess he sent one to probably every government leader around the world,” he said. “And Klaus Schwab's thesis in his book is that we — governments and societies, the world — should seize the opportunity of the public health and economic crisis to reimagine the world and radically change policies.”

Kenney said he would describe Schwab's “great reset” plan as a “grab bag of left-wing ideas for less freedom and more government, for more government intervention, for policies that would, I think, create massive poverty, particularly [regarding] energy policies that he is advocating.”

The premier called Schwab’s annual Davos summit the “biggest gathering of global hypocrites in history.”

Jason Kenney

We are allowing the perverse minority to overtake the logical majority, The virus-like perversion which is over-taking society is no different than an unwanted vaccine. We must not change sound institutional structures for the sake of the FEW who disagree agree with them. Inclusion for the FEW, does not mean exclusion for the majority.

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