Friday, February 5, 2021

"The Reason" why Covid-19 was not a lethal virus (Please read)

It has been made public that the BGI Group of China, via the Covid-19 pandemic, is harvesting DNA and attempting to create the largest “BioData” file in the world. The ongoing lock-downs and persistent excuses for Covid-19 testing by governments, and many corporations, is an obvious plan to keep harvesting DNA.

Here is where I want you to think. Covid-19 was a simulation to produce many results. Now I will reveal one of the “darkest” agendas of all. Covid-19 is an influenza, perhaps a little more dangerous than the regular flu, but the survival rate was and remains extremely high. In fact, other flus and pneumonias have become completely non-existent during the current plan-demic. In my view, the planet has never been healthier, and we have likely experienced less overall deaths.

In order to be effective in bio-warfare you have to know who you want to eliminate, or better yet kill. The first strain of Covid-19 is a DNA information gathering exercise. If the globalists had actually unleashed an extremely toxic virus they could have killed anyone and everyone, and anywhere on this planet. We know they have a full-proof vaccine for themselves. That is what they do in Level-4 labs before they test/release viruses. The creators always have immunity - just like Big-Pharma. Viruses are currency, and vaccines are the bank.

For the time being, children and young adults have been excluded from the simulation. So Covid-19 must be identifying with a certain gene or protein that is present in adolescents, and excluding them from acquiring the virus.

But here inlies the genius. Once they have built a sufficient “BioData Bank” they will target viruses to specific ethnicities, genders, age groups, or any demographic, as well as eliminate the elderly, and all the physiological, mental and biological misfits. 

In other words, they will construct a race of biologically acceptable humans, who will journey into the age of trans-humanism with them. Not as equals but as ongoing experiments - always programmed to serve their Technocratic masters.

Here is one last thought. The manic news is all about Covid-19 in Europe and North America.  These are pre-dominantly Caucasian continents. I happen to be one of the residents. The Globalists argue that the world is over-populated, yet that over-population DOES NOT exist on these two continents. “Six billion humans” reside in Africa and Asia. The rest of the world, including Australia has about 1.7 billion people. Caucasians are not the population problem, but we are a threat because of our democratic “rights and freedoms”. We have the ability and right to THINK. That is a catastrophic impudent for the New World Order. So start scratching your head.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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