Wednesday, February 17, 2021


There will be as many variants of the coronavirus as needed. The globalists want everyone to take a PCR test, and/or to convince people to take the vaccine.

The covid-variants create a scape-goat for those who have been already vaccinated. Everything possible is being done to deflect blame (i.e. death or some form of tragedy) from the covid vaccines. In fact, unvaccinated individuals will be targeted and become society's pariahs. It will become an indirect means of subduing people into accepting the vaccination.

People must understand that there exists a depopulation agenda behind the virus and the vaccine. The vaccine, or specifically formulated surrogate cocktails, are intended to eliminate key societal demographics. They include the elderly, society's social outcasts or those who are mentally/physiologically challenged, Blacks, Native Indians and ultimately, those specifically targeted for extermination. 

The main targets will be nations whose constitution allows for charter rights, free speech and those which have democratic political systems. Gun confiscation is utmost on the agenda, especially in Western democracies which allow for gun ownership. They do not want resistance.

My belief is that the police, nurses and doctors will be systematically eliminated, and pharmaceutical restrictions will occur in the last chapter of this depopulation agenda. Without guns and police anarchy will prevail, leaving the military and internment camps to intervene. With a diminishing number of doctors and nurses, people will simply die. Ultimately, restricting medications will create a massive die-off (ex. people suffering from diabetes, chronic diseases, cancers, heart disease, organ failure, mental illnesses etc).

With each step in this well scripted tragic play, you are being played. The longer you sit idle, the more this depopulation agenda will come to pass. Why can't you see this? I wrote to you all and detailed that weather manipulation will become part of the globalist plan. The current weather is creating havoc on millions of peoples' lives. The aftermath will mean food inflation and more poverty. The ongoing death of the middle-class.

The police and legislators must stand down. You cannot be that ignorant of what is taking place. You are destroying the hologram and building the matrix.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Going to the Gulag and We’re Gonna’ be Happy

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time to pay a visit to the Animal Farm
Political corruption addressed via this very simple and novel alarm
Stalinism’s utopian ideals were ingredients for this allegorical story
The pigs and boars of the animal kingdom were chosen for political glory

Perhaps we should reflect a little Of Mice and Men
The tale more tragic than that of Jean Valjean and the anonymous Madelaine
Human vagrancy cast in all direction
The pitiful protagonists found themselves void of all human affection

Yes, someone has summoned the order To Kill a Mockingbird
Humans, rather than colour, now being separated by religious herd
The innocence of idealism plucked from society’s foundation
The crows and buzzards stand guard to crush its resurrection for the corporation

Perhaps a glass of vino from the Grapes of Wrath will ease the mind’s commotion
Everything today moves fast but your reaction is stuck in slow motion
Every day appears to have become a Long Day’s Journey Into Night
Sit back and perhaps a little intellectual morphine will soothe your personal plight

Plan a vacation stint with The Old Man and the Sea
Resurrect your dignity in the company of tranquil waters and the Almighty
Don’t wait too long as Billy’s journey in Slaughterhouse Five may come to pass
Before war and aliens we should experience the feel of the ticklish grass

There are forces in life whose evil crushes even the most courageous Exorcist
Close your eyes wide open and be ready to subdue that which you cannot resist
Dust the record player and listen to Def Leppard sing Rock of Ages
Going to the Gulag and We’re Gonna’ be Happy, will not be all the rages.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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