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Coronavirus and Billy Meier Contact with Pleiadians

New, vital information about the corona virus and other interesting news Seven hundred and thirty-first contact Monday, 3 February 2020, 21.58 h

Ptaah Greetings, dear friend, Eduard.

Billy Gut, my dear friend, you too are greeted and welcome. As we have discussed, you are going to talk about the Corona disease today, which is a lot more than just our normal conversations. But I would like to say that it would be good if you could explain everything in simple words, so that I and all those who will read our conversation later, when I have called it up and written it down, can understand everything correctly as medical laymen.

Ptaah You are not as amateurish as you act, my friend, as others will not be. But you will still be right, because the majority of those who read the notes of the conversation later will probably not be medically educated, so I will choose my explanations linguistically so that everything will be understood by him. Then I will begin in a simple explanatory way as follows:

1. Our research unit, which since last year in late summer has been studying in detail the beginning of the SARS epidemic, which is very far-reaching and will now spread worldwide as a corona epidemic pandemic, has so far produced alarming findings. This includes the fact that the highest responsible persons of all states, as people's powers, are incapable of correctly assessing the epidemic, which has been spreading strongly for some time and is already spreading globally. With a few exceptions, which, however, cannot penetrate with their opinions, the people's superiors are also incapable of recognizing, instructing and implementing the right protective measures, which is to be blamed on the pandemic that has already started. But this will be denied and trivialized by them, as is customary among them, in order to evade their responsibility, as is the case with all arrogant earthly state authorities.

2. Our experts have ascertained that this epidemic - which you spoke about several times a long time ago and which is also recorded in written reports - will spread rapidly in the near future and intensify in its dangerous and deadly nature, and consequently claim many lives.

3. The dangerousness and lethality of this insidious disease is due to mutation, which causes changes and hence new genetic variations of the virus, which become more dangerous and aggressive.

4. Due to the changing danger of the corona virus, in the next few weeks the first to be infected will be older people, but also people who are already ill, which will also lead to high mortality rates. For the time being, therefore, younger people, especially adolescents and children, are even less susceptible to the corona virus. However, its self-acting mutation will result in new genetic variations that will be more dangerous and more aggressive, which will then spread to younger people, infect them and also claim victims. a) Furthermore, in the near future, it will become apparent that a large number of people will be infected and die on a global scale who, as a result of harmful blood mixtures between members of different tribes, have negatively altered immune systems, of which terrestrial immunologists, medical doctors and virologists etc. have no idea. I would like to say this for the benefit of those people who will read the notes of the conversation and who, on the other hand, have no knowledge of what the immune system is in the field of immunology: According to the teachings of immunology or immunobiology, the immune system is the basis of the body's defence against biological and biochemical pathogens. Basically, the immune system corresponds to a factor of organic self-defence in the form of a defence against foreign substances attacking and penetrating the human (also other living organisms) organism, such as biological toxins and environmental toxins as well as bacteria, microbes, fungi, parasites, viruses and other pathogens. All these cause malfunctions and disorders in the body, whereas the immune system uses defense mechanisms to fight the attacking foreign bodies etc. The teaching of immunology or immunobiology, and thus of the immune system, corresponds as a research subject to a sub-discipline of biology, namely a system of cellular and molecular processes that enable the 1 m/Pro for more information. to edit this d 1 recognition of various pathogens and foreign substances and their inactivation. The processes of this kind are to be understood as immune feedback, whereby, due to its central role in relation to the human immune system, immunology in medicine is very important for the understanding of many diseases. Prevention or preventive measures are of paramount importance, whereby these are in any case aimed at reducing any risks that arise or at mitigating or completely preventing harmful consequences of any kind that are harmful to health and can cause disasters or other undesirable situations. Immunology has various subdisciplines, whereby immunochemistry is used to study the structure of antigens, antibodies and the chemical basis of immune reactions. Immunogenetics investigates the genetic variability of immune reactions and the mechanisms of the generation of antigen-presenting relationship regions of antibodies of thymus cell receptors, or T-lymphocytes, which correspond to a group of white blood cells that serve the immune defense. These thymic lymphocytes - in the thymus the cells mature - together with the B- lymphocytes represent the adaptive or acquired immune response, or the response of the immune system. Finally, there is immunopathology and clinical immunology, which study disorders of the immune system, such as allergies, autoimmune diseases, tumor formation, etc.

Billy All is well and good, dear friend, your explanations are well and good, but I assume that your explanations are probably not understandable for laymen, even if you have explained them understandably. But I don't think that further explanations are necessary, because only a few earthlings would be interested, at least not those who don't have enough grits in their brains to even want to think about the whole thing, therefore they are as dumb as a post.

Ptaah Double bean stupid, because everything concerning this is of great importance for the preservation of health.

Billy I know that, but you can't force someone to turn to reason and reason if they don't want to do it themselves. Basically, the majority of earthlings do not listen to anything and do not accept any truths, and therefore good, correct and important advice is thrown to the wind. If something is said, then it will be heard, but what is said will not be heard.

Ptaah This unfortunately corresponds to the fact, for the majority of the earthly people are so focused on themselves, on their personal well-being and personal profit, as well as on all conceivable possible advantages for themselves and above all on a confused and crazy belief in God that on the one hand, all personal logical thinking is effectively stifled, as you always say, but on the other hand, the grasping, formation and use of understanding and reason is impossible. But now I want to go on with the further necessary things that still have to be said:

 2. b) Atmospheric and climate-related factors also contribute to infection by the corona virus, as does airborne transmission, although this does not mean that the air or atmosphere is impregnated with the pathogen, but that it is only transmitted from person to person through the air if the distance between them is too small. It is therefore important that in every relationship, and especially during a conversation or communication between one person and another, a sufficiently large distance of about 1.50 to 2 metres is maintained. This is because breathing and speaking expels breath as well as expiratory droplets which float through the air and are inhaled by people who are too close to each other, thus infecting them.

3. c) Exhalation droplets are not only inhaled by people facing each other when the distance between conversation partners is too small, but they also settle on all kinds of body parts, such as especially on face and hands, but also on clothing, on open meat of any kind, which means on open cut meat and open or cut fruits and vegetables, because the pathogen - like various other pathogens - can easily settle on moist surfaces, insist on it for some time and have an infectious effect. Uninjured and uncut fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, can be washed and eaten well. This is because 'dead' objects and materials of all kinds in a completely dry state offer little or no possibility of deposit, but may only be able to do so when they are wet.

4. d) A further factor for corona virus infection is that all genera and species of mammalian organisms are susceptible to this virus and can therefore be affected by it, in particular domestic animals such as dogs and cats can contribute to the spread of the disease, but also all other mammals such as cattle, horses and pigs, rodents, etc.

5. e) The treatment of people infected with the corona disease requires that doctors and nurses only perform their work in fully protective clothing, in such a way that this clothing must be changed for the next infected person to be treated. This is because the protective clothing is contaminated and infectious by the damp exhalation or expiratory droplets of infected patients, and the virus is inevitably transmitted to other people, not only to patients but also to the medical and nursing staff. 5) Our foresight findings indicate that corona disease infections will continue to increase worldwide and that a new phase of growth is already underway, which will continue to spread in waves around the world in the coming months, claiming many victims and leaving no country unaffected.

1 6. 6) The unreasonableness of terrestrial people, especially leaders, will lead to the repatriation of compatriots who are in other countries, whereby persons infected by the disease will spread the virus in addition and in a very rapid and increased manner in practically all countries. As a result, in countries where the disease is being reduced, it will be rekindled by new introductions and spread again.

7. 7) Infections and deaths continue to rise due to the unreasonableness of the majority of the population, who will not change their incorrect behaviour and will not adhere to the issued ordinances regarding protective measures, but also because all measures ordered by the authorities are careless and extremely inadequate and to a great extent insufficient. This is because the majority of both sexes of all those responsible in the state leadership are incapable of foresight, as well as completely naïve about the danger and effect of the corona virus, which changes genetically within itself, as is partly the case with virology specialists.

8. 8) Since the SARS epidemic, research on the SARS virus has been carried out by specialists in virology, etc., which has provided some valuable insights so far, but the approach is far too lax. Consequently, it is not recognised that this valuable research and its results have produced valuable substances that could be developed and used against the mutated corona virus, which independently changes into new gene variations, in a relatively short time.

9. 9) Unreasonableness and incapacity therefore prevail on the one hand among state leaders, state administrations, state officials and authorities, who are incapable of their positions and are neither able to think logically ahead nor to foresee, as is also the case among the population on the other hand. All of them are incapable of assessing threatening events and situations that may arise unexpectedly and are therefore incapable of ordering or having the necessary measures taken and of bringing the population under control. As a result, it is difficult or even impossible for the state authorities and all their subgroups, up to the municipal authorities and security forces, etc., to ensure that the necessary measures are taken before a catastrophe develops, such as the Corona pandemic, which started much earlier and caused deaths, and which has already been carried abroad before the disease was recognized on December 8, 2019, and only a lax approach was taken.

10. 10) The changes of the virus, which have been going on for a long time and which will continue to occur now and in the coming time, will not be recognized by the earthly researchers for quite some time yet, which will additionally lead to many infections and deaths.

11. 11) Different peoples have different symptoms of fever, cough, rhinitis and other characteristics of the disease, and others will suffer more from one form of symptoms and more from another. In this respect, the different populations and social strata also give rise to different forms of symptoms and negative immune susceptibilities, particularly because there is no uniform immune system in the entire population of the earth, and each population and stratum of society shows hardly any noticeable deviations from the norm, which is, however, decisive for the fact that the risk of infection is higher or lower, as the case may be. This fact, however, is still unknown to terrestrial doctors, medical doctors, researchers, virologists and immunologists, etc., as well as many other factors which they will have to fathom for many years to come.

12. 12) The various immune systems or biological defence systems of the various peoples on earth, terrestrial human beings - as well as all higher organisms - prevent damage to tissues and organs by pathogens, but health professionals provide little or no information or instruction to populations on this and on health behaviour, etc., as is necessary. In this regard, it would also be up to the leaders and authorities to take and implement the necessary steps and actions nationwide to educate the populations, which would also teach them how to behave fundamentally so that great evils can be avoided when an epidemic or other disaster strikes.

13. 13) The mentioned fact of the differences of the immune systems among the earthly people respectively their peoples, groups, clans, genders and mixtures of people is not known to the earthly physicians. These differences, however, must be taken into special consideration because they are very important, because they are not only atmospheric, climatic and territorial, but also depend on social behavioral factors, etc. Therefore, in various countries, they contribute particularly strongly to corona disease infection and deaths. Atmospheric and climatic influences on the immune systems lead to specific viral gene alterations in certain countries, which also result in different moments of infection, according to which the ongoing viral gene-related changes also show different symptoms in corona disease. These are particularly pronounced in certain areas in emigration countries as a result of mixing of peoples. However, there is some explanation for this, also with regard to the 'pure genus', the diversity of species and the mixing of peoples, because these have a special value with regard to the resistance of the immune systems of terrestrial human beings, which are weakened or strengthened depending on the circumstances.

1 14) The terrestrial humanity consists of a single race and therefore not of its several, as is generally assumed. The terrestrial humanity therefore corresponds worldwide to a single genus, which is called man, but which is divided into various species and which derive from each other organically and structurally, as well as in all species spread worldwide, which correspond to the genus Omedam resp. man. This means that they are classified as a derivative or a basic substance and thus as a parent compound which is chemically and organically identical. This parent compound and its derivatives are structurally closely related to each other, as the definition makes clear. In this respect, organic chemistry results in a substance which, because it has a structural unit, corresponds to a functional group of a parent compound and also contains a structural element of this functional group in the same oxidation state. If the functional group of the parent compound is considered, then a new functional group is found in the derivative as a species, but it contains a structural sub-element of the functional group of the parent compound in the same oxidation state. And w...

Billy Pardon the interruption, but this chemical stuff is probably not suitable to be understood by laymen. Also I am not very well educated in these things, I can understand where it all leads to, but due to the lack of study my intelligence is not sufficient to define the whole process exactly and to put it together.

Ptaah That was not the purpose of my attempt at explanation; unfortunately I fell into my acquired knowledge and did not think about giving an explanation that is understandable to laymen.

Billy Never mind, it wasn't an accusation, just an interjection to draw your attention to the fact that for us laypeople, you have fallen into shop talk, which would probably eventually have degenerated into forms of human breeding and human monoculture. At least I assume so, because you spoke of a 'pure species', of a diversity of species and of a mixture of peoples, whereby I actually understand your term 'pure species' to mean 'pure breed' or 'racial purity'. In this respect, I learned from your father Sfath that a 'pure breed' as such has both advantages and disadvantages in terms of susceptibility to disease or immunity to disease. According to my understanding - as I learned from Sfath early in my life, and if I may call the 'pure kind' as you call it and call it that - they can generally have a good and stronger constitution, but on the other hand they can also have a less good constitution. And this is so related to the physical, mental and conscious health, but also to the fact that earthlings can be bean stupid or intelligent beasts. I have also experienced, learned and experienced this in my life in dealing with people of many 'pure types'. So these facts are known to me and for me experienced and experienced facts, which I often simply observe, but from which I could learn a lot about the earthlings. But for me there is no reason to assume that the negative aspect of the whole thing is limited to the foot people and thus to the majority of the earthlings, because my findings I have made mostly also with academics and doctoral candidates and various large and well-known government figures, up to presidents, dictators and even the Emperor of Persia. And it was among these of all people that I generally found many deficits in character, action, understanding, reason and behaviour, which were much less or not at all present among the majority of the pedestrians. Well, I also know that a mono-population, or rather a 'pure genus' of a people can be harmful, if there is no mixing with foreign immigrants and therefore no new blood is added, because the old blood and the immune system of a people is 'leached out', so to speak, and thus people become more susceptible to disease and consequently less resistant to pests and malicious, bad and toxic environmental influences. If, however, within a reasonable and controlled framework, a mixture of blood etc. and a mixture of peoples is created, an indispensable mixed culture, so to speak, then, depending on the case, this results in either a higher and better or, conversely, a lower and worse resistance. And this fact can be observed and recognized worldwide among all peoples, whereby this principle can be recognized and found not only among the people of the earth but among all living beings, because the transfer from one form of life to another has positive or negative effects in any case, so also with regard to the earth-human species. As I learned from Sfath when I was a young man - on visits that led me to various peoples all over the world, where I had the opportunity to learn these facts through his help and time travel, as I later did during my own wanderings through the world - the 'pure genus' is not good, even from scratch. As I have found out, a justified, controlled and targeted blood refreshment or mixing between members of different peoples results in many valuable and positive, developmentally progressive innovations and evolutionary value complexes. This, while from wild, unjustified and uncontrolled machinations and processes of this kind develop development-inhibiting or development-disrupting and even development-destroying factors, from which discord, hatred and all evil emerge. And exactly this, in my opinion, is the reason why blood is renewed between peoples, and therefore the mixing of peoples, should only take place in a controlled framework, but not mass immigration caused by globalization or by refugee floods which flood foreign countries as a result of wars, hunger, unemployment and terrorism, and bring about blood mixtures with the natives, either indiscriminately and purposelessly, or intentionally or by force. Strictly speaking, I see all peoples with all their cultures each as a special and gigantic organism that is constantly growing and developing, but each organism is different from every other. And if this were not the case, the whole world would look very bad and sink into monotony, because if all people and their cultures were the same, there would be no further development, because the whole of humanity would be incapable of it and would wither away as a result of the factor 'pure genus'. This is precisely because in this 'pure species' or racial purity there would be no mixing of blood or renewal of blood and the atrophy of various forms would result, up to the extinction of the peoples, as has already occurred in earlier times 1 and thus various peoples have become extinct. So, in order to preserve the peoples - and all mankind in general - it is necessary that there should be controlled mixing between members of the different peoples in order to refresh the blood among themselves and thus to counteract a mono-population or a 'pure species' or racial purity. And this is necessary because each people as a whole as well as each individual has to develop further, and for this purpose the renewal of the blood or the mixing between the peoples is also necessary. But if this does not take place, there is nothing that can be supplemented and combined, because only the supplementation and merging of various factors that fit together can create something new and produce something that is stable in life. And it is precisely every newly created permanent that is an important factor in ensuring that further development takes place and guarantees permanence, and this also refers to the continued existence of earthliness as a whole and in all its diversity. It is therefore completely wrong to believe that a people is biologically and culturally 'pure' or 'pure' in nature. pure-bred, because when this delusion arises, then a degenerative catastrophe is preprogrammed, as human history has proven since time immemorial and right up to the present day, when in the delusion of pure-breedness the world has always been overrun with war, murder, plunder and destruction, as it was also done from 1939 to 1945 by the NACI regime, but which is still happening today worldwide, for example through terrorist organizations of all kinds, religious fanatical states and the like. In fact, earthly humanity must stop delusionally thinking of itself as pure-bred peoples and identifying itself as such pure-bred, because in truth there is not a single people on earth that is effectively pure-bred, because from time immemorial there has been undeniable blood mixing between peoples, from which special new species have continually developed, which is still the case today. That simply had to be said.

Ptaah And it has been well explained, and moreover you have anticipated all the necessary explanations in a comprehensible and simple way that I wanted to give in this regard. But now I will continue with the other explanations I had started:

15. 15) A spread of the disease can occur seconds or even after the moment of infection, i.e. not only when it becomes detectable and acute. Wearing protective masks against pathogens only makes sense if they are used sensibly, but this cannot be the case if they are worn during daytime use on the street and in buildings instead of in crowds and in the close or narrow vicinity of people infected with the disease. On the one hand, they are basically useless in this way without protective goggles, because even masks available in the public domain are only useful in combination with such a mask if they are thick and dense enough to prevent the exhalation of breath and the spread of expiratory droplets, and if they cannot be inhaled or absorbed by other people. Ordinary face masks, however, are of no use in this respect, because they are usually not suitable for a protective function against bacteria and viruses and normally only against dust, sand and pollen and the like. The only appropriate masks are special filter masks and special medical masks. So protective masks should be equipped for a specific purpose on the one hand, on the other hand they should only be used if an effective sense is connected with it, but if this does not correspond to a necessity and protective masks are still worn, then this is not only nonsensical but also ridiculous and is tantamount to a carnival fuss.

16. 16) The incubation period or the time between infection/infection and the outbreak and acute development of the corona disease corresponds to the time that elapses between infection with the pathogen and the appearance of the first symptoms. The incubation period of this disease is insidious and cannot simply be set at 14 days, as is erroneously claimed by unqualified medical professionals or virologists etc. According to our initial research, clarifications and findings, the incubation period can be as long as one month or even three months, depending on the case, as well as from a few hours to a few years, depending on the type and condition of the immune system.

17. 17) Our observations and findings also show that the second genetically modified corona virus behaves very aggressively to fatally in the human organism, depending on the corresponding immune status, as well as reluctantly, which leads to recovery, although this does not correspond to complete destruction of the virus. Our findings show that certain genetic variants do not die off even during recovery, but remain latently present, but are not immediately recognisable or detectable, as is the case with various other diseases. In the case of this insidious corona disease, however, it can happen unexpectedly some years or decades later, e.g. through intimate contact, that the latent, dormant evil can be transmitted, but then an unusual phenomenon occurs in such a way that, as a result of the altered genetic variations of the known virus, a disease reaction occurs in a completely different form. However, this fact cannot be grasped by terrestrial research with medical and virological apparatus and other technology because, according to our predictions, the instruments required for this cannot yet be developed and constructed in the current third millennium. Although the people on earth think that they have at their disposal a highly developed technology with very sophisticated technical values, what is true is that the entire earthly technology of any kind is no more than a first step out of deepest darkness into a faint glimmer of a still very distant light.

1 18) To conclude my remarks, our investigations have shown that in all countries worldwide there are completely inadequate laws on epidemics and that there is no decisive understanding of how and when an epidemic or pandemic must be effectively countered in order to prevent it.

Billy, your father Sfath already explained this to me. But all the things you have explained and explained now, are probably all thrown to the wind again by various so-called 'experts' with and without academic titles, such as doctors, biologists, chemists, immunologists and virologists etc., as well as by the majority of people who, as usual, want to know everything better. Moreover, as is always the case when something special happens, all the upperminded of all kinds come, starting with the highest rulers down to the foot soldiers of the majority of humanity, who openly declare their pseudo declarations and thus want to make themselves great and important, the banalities, pseudo-knowledge, pseudo-intelligence and completely stupid nonsense they babble about. Particularly pitiful are the supreme rulers who make themselves incredibly important, but who in reality neither understand anything of the whole of what they are talking about in a nonsensical way, nor are they effectively farsighted and consequently do not order logical measures and cannot carry out such measures and cannot enforce them. And this is effectively the case worldwide, unfortunately also here in Switzerland, where I see only one person in the Federal Parliament whom I do not have to count as a failure and to whom I can pay my respects, which I have done and received a handwritten estimate for.

Ptaah I know all this, and their pretence about their pseudo-wisdom in making public pompous statements to the media such as newspapers, journals, lectures, radio and television, etc., is just embarrassing and ridiculous. Billy How right you are, my friend. But I think that we should get away from this subject and talk about something else, like the fact that lately I have been receiving UFO reports from all over the world by phone, e-mail and also in writing, about some strange flying objects being observed for up to 15 or 20 minutes, flying past one after another like a long chain high in the sky, and all this completely silently. Some allow me to publish these sighting reports, while others observers, men and women, wish me to keep quiet about it and not to disclose their reports or names. Obviously it is about those unknown flying objects, which we have talked about together several times, because you also have these UFO phenomena or UFO activities in your focus and you have told me various things about them, also with regard to what the reason for the whole of these UFO operations actually is or what the background for it is and what is intended by it.

Ptaah I also told you to keep silent about it and not to make any statements about it when you are asked about it.

Billy I'm sticking to that too,

Ptaah, because I'm not passing on a word of what you've explained to me, nor what you've just fathomed regarding the origin of these flying objects, which to earthlings are UFOs. I am also silent with regard to your explanations about the tasks, efforts and purposes of the crews of these UFOs and their increased flights, etc., which you have discovered with your much higher technical possibilities than those of the crews and fellow satellites and the whole large group. What I have answered in each case was only related to the fact that these flying objects do not belong to you Pleiars and do not correspond in any way to your Pleiar techniques, which according to your information are still very poorly developed compared to ours, despite their higher technology. Consequently, as you explain again and again, this foreign grouping with its UFOs is also not able and therefore not capable of locating you Pleiars, your presence and your ships of radiation, just as they do not perceive them despite their higher technology and therefore cannot determine that they are observed, investigated and 'X-rayed' by you in their secret machinations. And that you are only allowed to say this knowledge in confidence and obliged to silence, I can fully understand, because ...

Ptaah Exactly, because...

Billy And I'm sticking to it. Seven hundred and thirty-fourth Sunday, 22 March 2020, 23.38 hrs

Billy Ah, there you are, and welcome too. Hello, Enjana... Greetings to Enjana... It's a pleasure. 1

Billy Excuse me, Florena, hello to you too ... Whenever you come here together, I don't know which one of you I'm going to choose first ...

Florena That is not important, otherwise we would have to do all three at the same time ... and that would be a bit awkward. But as often as we come to you, it is always something special for us. Greetings to you too, dear fatherly friend ... Enjana We are here because Ptaah has been called away and cannot come here himself, but something important has to be explained, but it will explain Florena.

Billy ... Then it must be important, right?

Florena Yes, there is some unpleasant information that Ptaah has told me to explain to you, which is the following: The prevailing situation of the corona epidemic pandemic is steadily degenerating and is now also affecting Switzerland in a context that also requires special caution and measures for you to take, implement and comply with, namely the following: 1. The danger and lethality of the disease results from a mutation and emerging changes, which create new genetic variations of the virus, which have already become much more dangerous and aggressive, consequently there are increased and unpredictable possibilities for infection and the whole thing is spreading, including in Switzerland, as I mentioned earlier. 2. The corona epidemic will soon be spreading not only around the world but also in Switzerland, causing a dangerous increase in infections and mortality rates. Ptaah explains that all persons living in the center should be required not to leave the center. 3. Persons in the centre who have to carry out their daily activities at external workplaces should be required to take a leave of absence or be dispensed from work, at least for 14 days, but rather until the time of April 20, which is absolutely necessary. After this time off, a decision must be made for the following weeks according to the existing situation as to which behaviour will continue to be necessary and what must therefore be done in the right way in accordance with reason. 4. From now on, all persons in the centre are not to leave the centre during the period until 20 April at the earliest and are to be confined to an arrest, as this alone can provide a certain degree of health safety. Exceptions should only be considered for unavoidable visits to the doctor, as well as for Eva and Barbara, who have to care for their mothers, but must be careful to avoid other contacts of any kind, including with their own family members living outside the centre. 5. All association activities such as lectures, passive annual general meeting, KG-GV, visitor reception, kitchen correction work and passive member compulsory work are to be omitted during the entire period of detention; Voluntary outside work in the forest, garden and other activities of KG and PG members can be carried out if the workers remain among themselves, do not enter the Center building and keep the appropriate distance of at least 2 meters to the Center residents in order to avoid physical contact and contamination by breath or expiration. 6. During the detention period, no food purchases or any other external errands should be made. According to Ptaah, due to Billy's precautions, sufficient food and emergency supplies are stored in the center, so that even a longer period of detention can be easily bridged. For fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and other necessities, home delivery services can necessarily be used, but contact with persons delivering necessary goods must be avoided. 7. What Ptaah strictly recommends for all persons in the Center should also apply to all KG and PG members living outside the Center, in Switzerland and in all other countries, so that they should all, to the best of their ability, set up and behave in the manner mentioned and protect themselves from infection with the Corona disease. These, dear fatherly friend, are the recommendations which Ptaah instructs and which should be followed because they correspond to an urgent need for protective measures to be taken. It was my duty from Ptaah to inform you of this.

Billy Thank you

Florena. We will try to follow Ptaah's recommendations. Please give him our thanks for his advice. 1 Enjana to follow you is really of urgent necessity because, as we know, the precautions and measures imposed by governmental regulations are completely irresponsibly insufficient, both in Switzerland and in all other countries worldwide. Florena This is indeed the case because, as we know from our investigations and observations and from looking ahead, the majority of all leaderships, from the highest to the lowest levels of government, are globally incapable and unable to be sufficiently far-sighted and responsible to understand the whole of the pandemic, nor are they able to take the necessary measures. The majority of peoples are also dawdling away to the same extent, causing mass infections and thus mass deaths, and from now on not only the deaths of elderly people, because this level has been exceeded by changes in the virus and new genetic variations have emerged, which now also affect younger people down to newborn babies and are fatal. Billy That, I think, was probably to be expected, because neither reason nor reason can be used with all incorrigible people. The bottomless idiocy and irresponsibility of the majority of earthlings, of those in government and the authorities, and of the population - in which the minority who use reason and understanding has no chance to express their opinions and act - inevitably had to lead to the fact that the pandemic could arise and get out of hand in the first place, and now, according to your explanations, is beginning to spread even further and higher, here in Switzerland too. Enjana This is indeed the case, but if you allow me, we would both still have some questions that relate to the teaching. If your time allows?

Billy Florena

Billy Why my time, sure it's your time, isn't it? Yes, that's true, but... I thought so, so please don't let me stop you and shoot...


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